It’s been a long time

It's been a long time


It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled,
It’s been a long time since I did the Stroll.
Ooh, let me get it back, let me get it back,
Let me get it back, baby, where I come from.
It’s been a long time, been a long time,
Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time. Yes it has.

It’s been a long time since I posted this in this blog. Yes, it has.

It’s been over a year since my last post. It’s been so long since I logged in here that it took me like 10 minutes to figure out where to post a new blog. The dashboard changed so much that I had to relearn everything to write again.

I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to find the time to write in here again. I’ve missed my blog.

I’ve been overwhelmed with work. I’ve been trying to make the biggest push I’ve ever done to grow my business. I’ve been busy with my son Jake.

And when I get those moments of downtime, I’ve chosen to just do nothing but relax. I’ve spent a lot of time at the beach. I’ve watched a lot of movies. I’ve had days when I’ve done nothing but sit on the couch.

I just wasn’t sure if I could ever find the time to write in my blog again.

I’ve thought about it, scribbled notes in my notebook but it wasn’t until I saw that my domain name was renewed that I sat down and said, ok let’s do this thing again.

There’s so much to tell, so much to share, so much to say …. but if I tried to do it all in one piece, I’d be writing the War and Peace version of a blog post.

It’s time to share those notes I’ve written out this past year. It’s time to share where I am and what I’m doing. It’s time to write again.

There is so much to share so stay tuned for the next posts where I’ll fill you in on what’s happened in the past year:

I just wanted to just write today. I don’t know if any of the people who had connected with are still reading my posts. I don’t know if anyone will notice that I’m back.

But I am … and I just feel the need to write again.



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