What would you do, if no one could see you?

If no one could see you

Feeling Poetic

A few years ago, I was feeling a bit poetic on this blog and I shared a few of my poems. Some days when I’m out walking my dog Winston, the funniest things circle around in my head. By the time we’d get back home, the beginnings of a poem would have started.

I haven’t given much thought to these poems until my son Jake brought home another one of his famous writing assignments. You may remember this one about Jake and the Flying Carpet, or I Heart Hot Wings or this classic, Captain’s Log, Star Date 2000 and Something.

His story was called “To Be Invisible or Not.” And it immediately reminded me of this poem I wrote and posted in 2012.

For those who missed my attempt at poetry, here is the poem I wrote:

What would you do, if no one could see you?

Would you run a race

Or hitch a ride into space

Would you measure the 7 Mile Bridge just to see if the mileage were true?

What would you do, if no one could see you?

Would you travel across the States

Or power a yacht through the Great Lakes

Would you climb a mountain or two?

What would you do, if no one could see you?

Go behind the scenes of your favorite show

Be a fly on the wall of someone you’ve always wanted to know

Would you walk through the bars at the cages in the zoo?

Where would you go

What would you do

What would you hear that you wish you never knew

Would you push the walls of your comfort box 4 feet … or maybe just two

What would you do, if you no one could see you?


OK, that’s my interpretation of being invisible. And for your reading pleasure, here’s Jake’s:

I would love to be invisible. I would be able to do many bad but fun things without being caught. No one would be able to get me in trouble because they wouldn’t be able to see me.

But I also might want to be transparent because I could dress up as organs for Halloween. It would be awesome and scary at the same time.

Although both of these cool things have a down sides. Being transparent would scare away my friends and no one would like me. Being invisible would make me unable to be noticed so I wouldn’t be able to go into my house, eat, go to school and learn, go to college, get a job and I’d be accidentally sat on by people not knowing that I’m there.

Overall, I would want to be invisible  because I could pretend that I’m not there in the room. Some reasons that I want to be invisible are: I could sleep in the Bed, Bath and Beyond beds. I could play at a GameStop all night. I could eat Five guys all night long. I could go to the beach anytime I want.

I could get free things. I could get in TV shows. I could smash stuff without getting caught. I could eat in an eating contest. I could even sneak on a plane.

And I could fart and blame it on other people.

This is why I would love to be invisible.


You gotta love that reasoning. I mean, I don’t care who you are, that’s pure poetry.

7 thoughts on “What would you do, if no one could see you?

    • I know, his writing cracks me up. I’ve thought about setting up a blog for him so he can post his own stories but he’s only 11, and I wasn’t sure if that was too young for him to do that kinda thing. If he does, I’ll send you a link so you can see it.

    • I’m not surprised that you, the woman who still giggles at farts would find this funny. I wonder what would happen if the two of you spent the day together.

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