Go Home Winter, You’re Drunk

Go Home Winter

OR Why I live in Florida

As I watch one more weather report about one more snow storm up north, I’m thankful that I live in Florida.

I realize that might sound weird to some folks. Every week, there’s a new story about someone in Florida doing some crazy thing. Like the one where the man tried to pay for beer with live gator. Or how about the time where the guy thought he was a zombie and started attacking people down in South Florida?

Yeah, good times.

We give the expression WTF a new meaning – What the Florida?

For all my readers who live up north, let me share with you the recent weather report we received. Please keep us in your thoughts:

weather report


Yeah, I said it

I know I’m having a bit of a laugh over here {while I enjoy my 63 degree sunny weather} but there’s really a point this post. I realized that that my last two posts about my recent disappearance and what’s been going on in my head were a bit of a … what’s that word? A bit on the serious side.

In between my work and legal crap, I have had time to get out and just breathe. I’ve had time to relax and evaluate everything going on around me.

And the funny thing is, when I went somewhere, I took pictures. I think I was just so excited to be out of the house and doing something other than sit at my laptop that I had to document it.

I was sorting through my phone’s gallery last night and in between the funny pictures of my son Jake {hey Mommy – take my picture stuff}, there were pictures of the beach.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve found myself sitting on the beach in the last few months. I do know that it’s about twice as much as I did in the whole year of 2014.

Somehow, my car found its way somewhere along the coast. My head may not have been on straight but body knew where it wanted to go.

So I thought I’d share with you some of the pictures I took with some of my favorite beach quotes.


I live in Florida


Don't grow up too quickly


Our memories of the ocean


The sea is like a person

It’s a tough life but someone’s gotta live here!

7 thoughts on “Go Home Winter, You’re Drunk

  1. Ha ha. Since I did have to shovel out 20 inches of snow… I can say I’m unabashedly jealous that your car’s autopilot takes you to the beach! Enjoy every salty aired moment.

    • I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist. This is one time of year that I love to live here. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if we got 2 inches of snow! And when summer comes, you’ll be the one with great weather 🙂

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