How to be a Better Blogger

how to be a better blogger

Here’s my story

Let me first start by saying this: It’s good to be back to writing again.

Yes, I realized that I disappeared for a couple of months. I’ve been blogging here since 2009 and I’m usually pretty consistent with my postings. But life started to get in the way when September hit and then I totally dropped the ball around October.

The legal BS I was dealing with started to heat up and we were moving forward for a court date – if you don’t know the story, you can read more here and here and this one too. The stress of dealing with all the details and the emails was overwhelming.

Oh, the emails. It seemed like every day there was an email request from my lawyer. Do you have this, can you find me that, can you drop copies of these by the office? The receptionist at my lawyer’s office knew me by first name and we’d do the obligatory nod when she saw me open the door.

I needed something to take my mind off the legal world so I threw myself into my work. I started a big project in May to create my first online class and this program took up all my attention. I worked on the content over the summer but now it was time to get this thing out of my head.

So I worked and wrote and developed and tweaked and programmed my first class: Social Media Images that Convert (click on the link if you want to see where I’ve been these few months!)

It was exciting with many anxiety-filled moments and it was an emotional distraction I so desperately needed to take my mind off my legal stress.

So here’s my story. I’m ready to jump back in today and remind myself how to blog again.

What to do to be a Better Blogger

1. Don’t Disappear

Like I’m the best person here to give you advice about this!

All the blogger advice out there will tell you not to leave your blog empty for long periods of time. Your readers will stop checking your site and there’s a chance that they won’t come back.

OK, so I get that. BUT sometimes life gets in the way and I hope that those of you who use to stop by here every week to read my stories and follow my journey will come back.

2. Blog More Often

Yeah, I screwed that one up too. Blogging advice tells us to blog at least 3 times a week. The more you blog, the more often people will have the opportunity to read your posts.

I get that. I still teaching blogging classes about this stuff. You’d think I’d know this stuff by now.

I wrote every week for my business blog but here? I messed that one up. So for now, I’m sticking to my once a week blog post on Friday. Maybe I can get back to up to my old 3 times a week posts but for now, I’m just happy to be posting today.

3. Become a Part of the Online Community

I suck at this one too. I’ve jumped headfirst into the social communities for my business blog and my site traffic has more than doubled. So I can tell you from personal experience how well this works.

And let me just put this out there – I missed being a part of the blogging community that I engaged in with my Authentic Journey blog. There’s quite a few of you – and you all know who you are! – that I was regularly reading your posts. If I couldn’t comment, I would at least hit the like button.

And now I feel like I’ve missed out on what’s going on with your lives. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to get back out there and reading your blogs again. Hopefully, I can get caught back up again 🙂

4. Be Yourself

This is the only thing that I think I did right.

Seriously, these last few months were mostly about doing what I needed to do. I just had to be true to myself and do what felt right for me – even if it meant that I would lose readers.

During my time away, I did scribble some notes in my blogging notebook about what I was feeling and dealing with. Once I can fully organize my thoughts, I’ll share those posts with you as I get back up and running again with this blog.

As I wrap up my tips to be a better blogger, let me leave you with one last piece of advice from Dr. Seuss that pulled me out of my hole and helped me start writing again.


Youer than You


8 thoughts on “How to be a Better Blogger

  1. Howdy there Penny, glad you’re back, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself. It’s not like you were sitting on the couch eating chips, you were being a mover and shaker, while dealing with complete legal BS which enough to take the strongest people to their knees.

    I absolutely LOVE your site and will certainly share it with friends in need of these services. I really love the design … I’m all about retro, I love it!

    • Thanks so much Lisa – and I missed reading your stories too! I love how you always got me to literally laugh out loud.
      And yeah, I didn’t expect this legal stuff to take such a toll on me. I still have 4 more onths of this before our court date but I’m doing better with dealing with all the pieces and parts.

      And thanks for the compliment about my site! I’ve worked really hard to get it to look different than other social media people out there. Some people tell me to change how the site is set up (there’s this formula to get people to buy from you based on how your home page is set up) but I just can’t get myself to do it. I also love all my retro vintage stuff! It makes it so much fun when I make my images.

  2. Welcome back. I’ve missed your posts. From a blogger who has let her own blog go this past year, No worries! Or to quote Jimmy,
    “Breathe in, breathe out, move on”
    Looking forward to any future posts, at any time.

    • I’ve had many of those buffett conversations these past few months. And I know you understand, after you moved to the new house, your life got crazy busy too. At least we can stay connected in twitter and pinterest 🙂

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