Today I am grateful …

Today I am grateful

Pushing Myself

This was the first week when I finally got off the crazy work roller coaster. I have no idea how I convinced myself that I could work on two major projects AND carry a full workload of clients.

I guess sometimes I just try to push myself to see what I can really do. And this time, it worked.

This week, I launched my second workbook. I launched my first workbook last year and it was just crazy. The whole process was full of stress and programming stuff and web sites going down … I just didn’t want to repeat that experience.

This one was different. I pushed myself and handled everything. I wrote the content, created the graphics, developed my social media strategy to launch the thing and with a little help from my programmer to get the Paypal stuff setup, my new 30 Minute Social Sessions workbook is now officially on the market.

I’m quite impressed with myself right now.

quite like me

My Gratitude Journal

One of things that I am convinced that has helped me this year is my new Gratitude Journal. It’s actually an app that was recommended to me by someone in my mastermind group.

Since I’m on my tablet so much at the end of the night (ok, that really means, since I’m on Pinterest and Instagram every night!), it’s easy for me to add in my gratitude thoughts for the day. I see the little heart icon at the top of my tablet and it reminds me to type in a few sentences about what I’m grateful for that day.

So the other day I’m in the program, I hit the See All button. The app pulled up all of my messages over this past year. As a part of my authentic journey, it seems like a good idea to share some of my favorites with you. This should give you a glimpse into my year and hopefully, it’ll spark you to think about doing your own gratitude journal.


March 27 – I am grateful for my son Jake being home and we’re still having non-yelling nights. Good night my sweet boy.

April 6 – I am grateful that I have the $2000 in my savings to pay for my broken AC unit. This is not going to take me down. I don’t have to borrow the money. I am grateful that I can take care of this myself.

May 24 – Today I’m grateful for this time to think about work. I need to learn to quiet the voices in my head.

July 23 – Today I’m grateful that we moved through the first phase of this legal BS stuff. Now, I know what he wants. I see where his breaking point is. I got more emotional today than I wanted to but I thought it would help to tell the truth. And now I’m grateful for the strength to keep this moving forward.

August 12 – I am grateful for sleep. Yes, I said sleep, being able to sleep through the night in the silence of my bed.

September 9 – It’s hard for me to feel grateful now. Right now, I just feel fat.

September 11 – Today I’m grateful for the slight change in the weather. I think it’s finally starting to take a turn. Can I finally shut off my AC? I would be so grateful to open the windows again.

October 3 – Today I am grateful for over the counter medicine. Think how really crappy I’d feel with this cough and sinus headache without the meds. Now if I could just shake this thing, I’d be really grateful!

October 10 – Today I’m grateful for the productivity of the day, grateful to see the new workbook launch go so smoothly, grateful for less stress, grateful for the steps I’m taking to move forward. Plan tomorrow, today.

October 12 – Today I am grateful for spending time with my family. It’s easy to get lost in all the problems but at the end of the day, it’s these memories, these moments that matter. And for those, I am grateful.


reflect each day


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6 thoughts on “Today I am grateful …

  1. What a great blog!  This is the best entry you have made in a long time, very positive and hopeful for others.  Keep up the good work!

    • Aww thanks Judi. It’s funny how some of my best posts aren’t the ones that I’ve planned out, drafted and spent days writing. It’s the ones that just happen.

  2. Love this! You know I’m all about living a life of intent and gratitude! But dude, share that app!! I love the idea of being able to record it at the end of the day (and I won’t keep a paper journal!). But, I really loved you sharing some of your days with us, that was beautiful insight!

    • It’s actually called Gratitude Journal. I’m on Droid and I think you’re apple so I’m not sure if you can get this one or not. But when you run a search for gratitude journals, it’s the one with the heart as the icon. There’s quite a few out there but I like the simplicity of this one. Everytime I log in, I get a quote from the program and space to type in my thoughts. Some have more to document your life but I didn’t want to complicate the thing.
      BTW – I’m glad you figured out my ramblings on your post about your dream. I’m not sure what the dream was (did I miss that in another post? I’m so in and out these days) but I’m glad that you got my point. I’m trying to remember what book that was in where I read that in. The writer had a whole diagram with the points and taking a sharp right turn that I totally got her point. Hope everyone’s comments helped you to figure out what to do with your compost 🙂

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