I Heart Hot Wings

chicken wings

Another Writing Assignment

I’ve been so busy with work these days that I haven’t had time to write for this blog. I made the executive decision today to give Jake the power over my blog again this week.

Below is another one of Jake’s writing assignments. I’ll also include the teacher’s comments that she wrote to him.

AND please know, I swear, I didn’t edit any of this! He really did write this one 🙂

I Heart Hot Wings by Jake

Have you tried a hot wing? Well I have. I was tricked into eating one but now I’m super thankful that I have eaten a hot wing. My dad tricked me into eating it, but now I love it when the spice burns my tongue. This is the story of me discovering the hot wing being super mouth-watering.

I was tricked and talked into eating a hot wing. First I was like; EW, that is so gross, but my dad tricked me by putting a wing on my plate and I accidentally ate it. I loved it.

I ate plain wings for a long time but then I thought hot sauce was ketchup and I accidentally ate it. I loved it more than I did before. Now when I eat hot wings, I think about that story.

I love the way it burns my tongue. I use to want to kill someone if they fed me a hot wing like that guy in “Rattlesnake for Dinner.” He clearly did not know that he was eating a rattlesnake. Maybe that’s why the boys weren’t supposed to tell their guest what they were eating.

To conclude, I originally didn’t want to ever want to eat wings; especially hot wings. So I should probably be more open to more odd looking foods. Who knows, I might like them. Or I might not like them. What’s life without a little risk?

Once again, you should somehow find a way to try hot, spicy, mouth-watering, meaty, and delicious hot chicken wing.

(Teacher’s comments: I love your witty writing style Jake! You really hook the reader from the beginning! You also had a strong ending. Keep up the good work!)

And yes folks … Jake got a 100/A on this one 🙂

Photo credit: Buffalo Wings


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