Captain’s Log, Star Date 2000 and Something

Another Story from Jake

In the past, I’ve shared many stories that my son Jake has written for his reading class at school. Now that he’s back in school, the stories are starting to come back home in his school binder.

The lesson for this adventure in writing was based on the idea of writing a timeline of events. They were given the direction that the students were to be a captain on a ship that was lost at sea. They were asked to document what they were feeling and how they were dealing with being stranded at sea.

And this was Jake’s take on how he would tell the story (and above is the picture Jake drew for his story):

September 10, 2014

Yesterday, a great white shark bit a hole in my mansion ship, S.S. Chicken Wing. So now I’m floating on my emergency sub.

September 10, 2034

I’ve been in my sub for twenty years, but my sub is rusted and broken. I’m stranded. I miss my home in New Jersey. I miss my kids Ricky, Dicky, Mickey and Nicky. I even miss my wife, Ima Hot the twentieth. I’m so sad.

September 10, 2054

I’m so lonely. I’m sixty-four and I miss my saxaphone. I think it was stolen in China because I called a guy a wet diaper.

September 10, 2074

I’ve been rescued by some chubby eighty year old fisher woman. Now I’m going back so I can see my wife who might not be alive and my four kids that might have grandchildren.

The End

{ And for this new addition to Jake’s library of stories, he got a 95 🙂 )



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