Better late than never

Happy LATE Mother’s Day!

Yeah, I know it was last weekend. With my new posting schedule (I’m only posting on Fridays now), I realized that I technically missed doing a Mother’s Day post. But it was such a good day that I had to share this with you guys.

First, my son Jake wrote me a poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I want you to know
I love you.
I am the lungs
And you are the heart.
And nothing
Will split us apart

Of course he still says this kind of stuff.  He’s ten. Something tells me that he’ll want more time apart when he starts hitting that teenage phase.

So for now, I’ll take the poem’s words and remember the moments when he still wants to hold my hand.

And then I found these Mother’s Day questions print-out on Pinterest.

mother's day questions


In case you can’t read Jake’s handwriting, I’ll share with you some of my favorite answers:

Complete this sentence: My mother is as pretty as  ….. Helen of Troy. (He’s been learning about Greek mythology in school. But hey, I’ll take that compliment!)

If you could give your mom ANYTHING in the world, what would it be?   An agrue-fee day

What’s one thing you think your mom should do more of?  Taking me to the beach

What does your mom do to relax?   Sit on the couch

And this one, is my absolute favorite …..

What do you think your mom was like BEFORE she had kids?   And his answer was … SANE

While I was reading the answers to my Mother’s Day questions, Jake made me breakfast. He’s learned how to make eggs in the microwave so he scrambled up some breakfast for me.

Jake told me it was his first time cooking eggs with cheese and since I like cheese, he gave it a try. Then he put the eggs in a bowl and asked me if I wanted a cup of milk with it.

mother's day breakfast

Yeah, it tasted just like it looks.

Apparently, Jake has acquired his mother’s cooking skills. But I ate it.

I told him it was great and thanked him for the wonderful Mother’s Day feast. Because that’s what Mother’s Day is all about … reading love poems, eating watery-cheesy eggs and knowing that your son thinks you’re as pretty as Helen of Troy.



13 thoughts on “Better late than never

    • It won’t take much for him to pass me in the cooking department. And I did get your note about hearing Buffett that day. As you can tell from our latest email exchanges, life has been pretty crazy over here. But I did want to let you know I got your message 🙂

    • I did take him to the beach the day before mother’s day. We had a Jake, Mommy and Winston day.
      That was a freaking riot that he wrote the word SANE as his response. Meaning he knows that being a mom is slowly driving me crazy.

  1. Oh Penney, that was a wonderful Mother’s Day!! Love the poem and love the answers to the questions! Sane just tops them all!

    On the fridge at mom and dads is a sheet like that that Lee filled out when he was younger. One of the questions was “what would your mom do if she had the chance to go to the moon?” And scribbled out next to it was the answer “she wouldn’t take the chance”. 🙂

    That is a sheet that you’ll save forever, and when he’s in his 20’s it’ll be proudly displayed on the fridge!

    • I’m holding on to this one. I think it would be fun if I had him fill out the answers again when he’s 18. How funny would that be to compare the two!

  2. My goodness, you are blessed to have a son like that 🙂 Considers you as pretty as Helen of Troy; Wow!
    Nobody can interpret the depth of a son’s love for his mother; the thought and love is that pure. She is after all the first lady love of his life.. Love you Jake; you are the man 🙂

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