What I Found

The things we find

The other day when I was putting the groceries away, I accidentally knocked one of the fridge magnets off. It’s one of those big clip things with a magnet glued to the back of it.

When I hit it, all the papers that were in the clip fell to the floor.

I’ve been using this particular magnet to hold Jake’s artwork and projects. And when everything fell, I could see that I overloaded the clip.

It looks like I haven’t been doing a good job of clearing out the old art to make room for the new ones.

I sat on the floor and sorted through everything …. this is what I found:

Awww … remember when your kids were this small?
OR maybe your kids are still this small … hey, good luck with that. Trust me, they’ll grow out of this stage.


This was one of my favorite drawings Jake did of us.
He drew this one when he was in Pre-K.
We use to go to our community pool all the time and he told his teacher that ‘playing in the pool with mommy’ was one of his favorite things to do.

playing in the pool

This is some artwork from 2nd grade (I think). Can you tell that he made the whole thing with ripped up pieces of construction paper?

flower artwork piece

And then it moves past the awww … that’s cute stage. I found his old contract.
If you didn’t read the post about this one, check it out here.
Yeah, my kid .. the future lawyer.


And then I found this ….
Jake’s Enrichment Class was studying animals and they had to make up their own animal. So not only has he drawn the picture of his new animal, he describes all the details about what kind of animal this is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the …. The Long Tailed Ugly Cat:

jake's animal

long tailed ugly cat

12 thoughts on “What I Found

  1. It is a trip back in time, isn’t it! I have papers similar to this, times four, tucked away in my hope chest, along with spoon rests, etc. my children made in school. There are pictures made by my grandchildren as well, and now that I have four great grandchildren (the latest one born last weekend ) I expect there will be more pictures and gifts made in school. I treasure them all. They are all there, in the safety of my hope chest…

    • Yeah, I had one of those unexpected moments. The stuff just fell on the floor in front of me,, like saying, stop everything and take a few minutes to remember.

    • Isn’t it amazing how something like a piece of artwork from 2nd grade can tzke you back? This is part of the plan to get you to feel this way so when they become teenagers, we try to remember these moments 🙂

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