Around Here Lately

A different state

It appears the moving truck has packed up my stuff and moved me back into Crazy Town. You’d think that with everything that happened last year that I’d get use to these moments when my life shifts to a different state.

One of these days, I’ll figure out how to balance the endless banter in my head with the reality of all the things that are happening around me. Yeah … any day now …

Around here lately

I’ve been crazy busy with work, overwhelmed and quite frankly, worn out.

I’m smack in the middle of workshop season. I always love this time of year because I like getting out of my office and teaching small business owners. I love the interaction and meeting all these new people. Several of them end up moving into my coaching sessions so I tend to stay connected with a lot of my workshop participants.

I just finished 4 workshops for this month, I have 2 more scheduled for March (plus one really cool online interview series thing I’m doing) and then 5 more workshops planned for April.

And then of course, there’s the client who always seems to show up when I’m insanely busy. It’s like they have a crazy radar – oh, is Penney going crazy with her schedule? Let’s ask her to do 3 different projects just because it’s funny to watch her slowly lose her mind.

Add in being a single mom, trying to keep the house clean, laundry, taking care of Jake and that heating and preparing of the meals thing I do. I don’t believe that the word cooking can describe what it is I do in my kitchen. Like I always say, “Don’t ask me, it came with the house.”

I’ve tried

Really, I have. I’ve written a few blog posts in my writing notebook but none of them have yet to make into a written format where I can share them with you. I’m doing my best to get control of my schedule so I’m hoping that I can get those posts up soon.

Update on my legal battle

Since I’m still not able to share the details of my personal Godfather saga (get the details here), I’ll give you the update with my favorite thing in the world — Pinterest images!

Basically the case has gone from this, ‘are you freaking kidding me?’ to ‘oh, it’s getting ugly up in here!’

This is now my official response:

entitled to your opinion

I’m continuing to pay attention to the messages I’m receiving.
So what have I learned so far?

never poke a bear

Photo credit: Bear

9 thoughts on “Around Here Lately

  1. Hang in there, it seems life always gives the biggest flashes of brilliance when we are too busy to have our blinders up. Perhaps this month is the month you learn some amazing new work/life balancing trick that will save us all from ourselves?

    • I agree. The messages are starting to slip in about the lessons I’m suppose to learn. I think after it all ends, I’ll look back and see the full picture but right now, it only comes in bits and pieces. And I will certainly share what I figure out 🙂

  2. I’m glad that work is going well, hate that you feel overwhelmed, but I know you can handle it all and you will get through this with grace 🙂 The good kind of grace, not the name my dad calls me every time I call him to tell him the latest thing I ran into or tripped over and what massive contusion it left on my body!

    Still praying and sending you good energy over your court case. You are such a stronger person than I am, and I know you and Jake will get through it and one day look back and just shake your heads!

    • You’d think by now I’d get use to feeling overwhelmed but it still takes me down on some days. I was even too tired one night for Pinterest – me! You know I’m feeling bad when I’m only on Pinterest for 30 minutes.

      And I’m right there with you about being grace. I often find random bruises and can’t remember where they came from.

      I know this is just one more of those things I need to get through to see the purpose. Right now, it’s just a pain to have to deal with it when it didn’t really need to get there. Thanks for your prayers, I’m feeling the good energy heading my way from Texas 🙂

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