Why my life is like Micheal Corleone

michael corleone

We’ve only just begun

We made it through one whole month of 2014 and the universe says to me, “Don’t get too comfortable over there Ms Fox. I’ve got something else up my sleeve that you need to learn this year.”

I made it through the breakup. I worked through my planning and creating a new path for myself. I feel stronger, confident and more in control of my life than ever before. Isn’t it my time now?

Oh noooo ….. that would just make life, what’s the word I’m looking for here … it would make life happy, amazing, exciting {fill in your own adjective that means ‘Hey you – you rock!’}.

But that’s not my life right now. I’m more like Michael Corleone from The Godfather III when he said “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” If you haven’t watched any of The Godfather movies, go rent them. Don’t make me sound like some old person typing obscure quotes into blog posts.

Back to court we go

I am taking my ex-husband back to court. Since the case is now open, I can’t share any details. I can only write about what’s going on with me and not the specifics of the case.

I filed for divorce in 2006, took him back in 2010 and here we are again. It would be easy to pull out the ‘Oh, poor me. How could this happen to me now?’ mindset. It wouldn’t take much to get into that place.

But I can’t do that anymore. Because I know why this happened. I knew when I followed through on something that was well within my legal rights to do that my ex wouldn’t like it. I’m not surprised when he overreacted because that’s what he does when he gets challenged. I just didn’t imagine that he would take it this far.

I’m past the place of giving myself a pity party. That’s the old me. The new me knows better.

When I met him in my 30’s, I made a choice. I chose to bring this man into my life. I chose to marry him and later, have a child with him. No one put a gun to my head told me I would be sleeping with the fishes.

I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

I spent last week distracted over this over whole thing and then I asked myself, “What would Michael Corleone do?” He wouldn’t be curled up in a ball and crying “Why me?” Nope. He’d take care of it. He would protect The Family.

It’s time to go to the mattresses (urban definition: go to war with a rival) with this man. As long as I continue to follow the letter of the law, I realize that this will take months to resolve.

While I’m working through this process, I can’t help but wonder what is the lesson for me in all this? I know from my past that when life takes me down, something is happening to teach me some lesson about why I’m back on the ground.

I’ve prepared myself to keep an eye out for all the messages. Pay attention to the signs and try my best to figure out what I’m suppose to learn from this experience.

Or maybe my ex will wake up one morning with a horse’s head in his bed. Hey, it’s not personal. It’s business. And that’s what happens when you mess my Family.

Photo credit: Godfather painting

16 thoughts on “Why my life is like Micheal Corleone

  1. Wow – a woman who likes the Godfather – I knew you were cool.
    I am sorry you are having to deal with this junk and that you are being dragged back into something which you want gone.
    Glad you are sounding tough. Going for the horse’s head – wow! That’s bad ass level.

    • I actually like the second movie the best. I like how they go back and show the history of how the Godfather came to power.
      I only sound this way this week – last week, I let this upset me until I realized that being in that place wasn’t going to help anything. I needed to get strong to get through this. And yeah, that horse head thing …. I bet if that happened, this thing would end immediately and in my favor 🙂

    • Some days I just wish I was in your position and I didn’t have to deal with him. But at least Jake is able to have his own experiences with his dad and make his own assessment of him.

      I just hope that this last time of dealing with him puts an end to this crap. I’m so ready to move on with our life and be done with all the games his dad plays.

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