Jake and The Flying Carpet

jake's story flying carpet

The latest edition

Over the years, I’ve shared stories my son Jake has written for his English class. Some pieces, like this one, I don’t understand why or how they give him a certain grade. This one received an 88 – he was close, oh so close to getting that A.

Have a seat and enjoy Jake’s latest creative writing piece (all spelling and word choice are directly from his paper):

Jake and The Flying Carpet

“Waka, waka, waka, waka, waka, waka, woo” beeped my alarm clock. The annoying sound of my alarm clock woke me up in a flash. The smell of golden pankakes wafted into my messy room. The baby blue sky looked gorgeous as I gazed out the window sill. As I looked over, I felt my Golden Retriever, Winston, kissing me. I could tell this would be an amazing, extraordinary, and fantastic day.

Immediately, I rushed down stairs and into the kitchen to devour my delectable pankakes. When I finished eating, I rushed back to my room to play video games. When I was finally upstairs, I noticed a midnight black and fire orange striped carpet laying on the floor. Then, when I sat down on it, it started to float! After I played 2K II Baseball for an hour, I told my mom about the carpet.

Soon, I decided to go outside and test out my flying carpet. As soon as I was outside, I sat on the carpet and it wouldn’t fly. I sat on it for two hours and it still wouldn’t move. I asked my mom to help. It wouldn’t budge. I called some mechanics and they wouldn’t come.

Later, it still wouldn’t fly. I had been trying and trying and trying and trying but it still wouldn’t work. Then I had an idea. It was to throw a pie at it. So, I grabbed some pies out of the fridgid fridge and tossed them at the orange and black carpet.

“It worked.” I shouted to myself. So I flew on my pie stained carpet for about an hour.

In a nutshell, today was a great day. I had a great breakfast. I played video games. I threw pies. I was even able to ride a flying carpet. All in all, today was a magnificent day.

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20 thoughts on “Jake and The Flying Carpet

    • Yes, he’s developing his own style of writing and I love that he’s using his imagination. And of course, it wouldn’t be a story without mentioning sweet boy Winston. 🙂

    • I like to think that cupcakes are on the list to fix anything too. Yeah, it’s a shame the mechanic wouldn’t come out but at least he figured out how to make it work.

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