All is Calm, All is Bright

It’s that time of year again!

I posted this one last year but it deserves a re-run because there’s been an addition in my neighborhood that can only add to the holiday festivities.

Below is the original post called The Lights that Light the Lights:

I can tell my neighbors are feeling the holiday spirit when I take my dog Winston (aka Stink Monster) for a walk. I started to notice it a couple of weeks ago but it hit full-force the weekend after Thanksgiving. Everyone started putting up their lights and decorating outside their homes.

Personally, I love looking at the lights on our evening walks. It brings me back to that moment when I was a kid and I’d see the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the mall. There were no words just the sounds of ‘ahh’ and ‘ohh’ as you stared at the lights and ornaments.

I quite enjoy most of the light displays in my neighborhood like this one.

For some reason, it reminds me of the Christmas movies they run every year. There’s always that shot of the outside of the house at the end when Christmas is saved and everything is alright with the world.

house with lights

Then there’s the houses which try to do something cute or funny like this one here:


So I’m walking Stink  the other night and we go past the house in the neighborhood that always goes overboard with their decorations for every holiday. You know the kind of house I’m talking about, you probably have a neighbor like this too. While most people have a couple of strings of lights, a ‘santa stop here’ sign or those white wooden reindeer, this house is always in the running for the ‘most decorated home’ award on our street.

Every year, the decorations seem to grow more and more outrageous as if the family hits some discount warehouse where santas and skeletons come to die. Every Halloween, they bury a ‘corpse’ and have moving pumpkins and cats crawling around their yard. Easter brings bunnies and different size eggs. Christmas is usually an explosion of santas, snowmen and lights. And every spring, the toilets explode (not really but it’s one of my favorite lines from Animal House and it crossed my mind when we walked past their house).

So I’m staring at their house all lit up that night, hoping that Stink doesn’t lift his leg on one of their snowmen and something catches my attention. I’m looking at the thing and I’m like, what the huh?

You know folks, I was OK when they put up their Mardi Gras looking white tree with its yellow, blue, purple lights and stuffed animal ornaments, but this folks … this is just wrong.

I had to take a picture of it because I know you wouldn’t believe me if I tried to describe this to you. And just to be sure I really saw what I did, I took a picture during the day so you could see this thing in its full glory.

xmas cow at night

xmas cow in the day

But wait … there’s more!

This year, I really didn’t think it could get any better than last year’s lights. Boy, was I wrong!

It appears that I’m not the only one who noticed the Christmas cow last year. Apparently this year’s cow now has a friend. Check out what the neighbor across the road has in their driveway.

xmas cow

Yeah, that’s right. There’s TWO Christmas Cows on my street this year. Because nothing says Merry Christmas like a Christmas Cow.

Christmas Cow

12 thoughts on “All is Calm, All is Bright

    • No there’s just two right now. And this really shouldn’t surprise you, have many news of the weird stories start out with “a florida man discovered …”

      I think we have some sort of energy pull for the oddballs as they all seem to live in florida 🙂

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