My Inner Nerd

Confession Time

It seems that lately I’ve been using my blog to make all sorts of confessions about myself. It’s time for me to make another one ….. I’m a science fiction nerd. Not in that Star Wars or Star Trek kinda way. My nerd-dom takes it a step further.

If you spend any time following me on Pinterest, you’ll see my obsession with Doctor Who, Torchwood and the series of books surrounding the planet called Dune. This post has found me smack in the middle of my sci-fi nerdy obsessive world.

Captain Jack

The book I’m currently reading is called Sisterhood of Dune. It’s the latest in the 20 book series of books originally written by Frank Herbert (he has since passed and his son has taken over). I’ve read eight of the books so far. If you’re into this type of fiction, you’ll love this series of books. The storyline pulls you in and each book is like another slice of history.

It’s hard to watch the movie Dune with me. I’m not talking about that crappy one with the guy from Sex and The City and Sting. I mean the 3-part SciFi Channel min-series version. I know so much about the whole thing that if you ask me a question, be prepared for a 30 minute dissertation about the character’s family history and what parts of the storyline they skipped.

Dune book

My Happy Place

My biggest score of all is when I got my son Jake interested in Doctor Who. I think it was the part when I said, “He battles aliens on other planets and travels to different worlds in a spaceship.” That got his attention and it turned into, “Yes, mom, tell me more about this Doctor … “

Doctor Who watch on Netflix

Tomorrow is the big 50th Anniversary 2-hour Doctor Who special. We’ve been waiting for this show since the last season ended in May. The DVR is set and we’re both looking forward to seeing what happens to the Doctor, how they’ll spin the story and what adventures await the new Doctor.

But the coolest thing is that this will be something I can share with Jake and hopefully, he’ll carry on his mother’s love for being an inner nerd. So if you’ll be watching the show with us, enjoy some of my favorite Doctor Who pins:

Doctor Who weeping angels

Every time I see a statue like these, they freak me out.
I can’t look at them …. or blink.

Doctor Who silence

And when my dog barks at nothing outside, I’m thinking about the Silence, until they make me forget.

Doctor Who Inside the box

Words to live by

Doctor Who TARDIS

A Pinterest pin I made that’s been shared more than 100 times – Gotta love the Whovians!

18 thoughts on “My Inner Nerd

  1. hahahahaha – oh my goodness!! I can’t look at an angel statue anymore – and I really don’t blink when one is nearby! Mr. T will sit down and watch Dr. Who with me – and I’m totally dying for the special on Saturday!!! My DVR is set, too – and BBC has been running Dr. Who almost non-stop the past couple of days, and I gotta say, I loved 9, he brought such depth, and then I fell head over heels for 10. But, I wasn’t impressed with 11… so I quit watching. Now I’m totally regretting having given up on Matt Smith after just a couple of episodes.

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