The Red Door Decision

the red door decision

Everything that happens

I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about messages this past year. One thing I’ve learned is this – everything that has happened, the people who I have met, challenges that I have faced and opportunities that were presented to me were put there for a reason. I may not know all the reasons at this time but I know that these challenges, opportunities and people were brought into my life as messengers.

Honestly, I’ve been sitting on this blog post about messages for a couple of months. This was one of those things I scribbled about in my blog book during the time I  was dealing with the workbook launch. I think that since the end of the year is approaching, now is a good time to share it with you.

I’ve been seriously thinking about making a big important decision for the past year. I’ve played with the idea in my head, talked about it with a few close friends but never really wrote it out to all of you. I’m quite aware of the fact that when you put something out there and really start to believe in it, that thing has a greater chance of materializing. I get that.

When I forced the issue with myself about why I wasn’t sharing this, I realized it was the accountability factor. Yeah …. accountability, schmountability (crap that didn’t work). I felt if I told you that I made this big decision to make a change in my life and then I didn’t do it, then I’d be announcing to the world that I couldn’t do something.

It’s one thing to tell these decisions to those closest to you … but to the blog world? I was carrying this doubt with me that maybe I really couldn’t do it … and then you’d all know that I had failed.

The big decision

OK folks (deep breath) … here we go …. the big decision that I made was that I’m planning to move to the beach. Most of my regulars know that I currently live in the Orlando area, Central Florida to be exact, which means that I live in the middle of the state of Florida.

I’ve played around with this idea for years. One of the reasons that we Floridians live here dealing with that unbearable heat is so we can get in our cars and drive to the beach for the day.

For some reason, the past couple of months have started a fire in me. The process I went through to get that workbook launched really helped me clearly see where I’m going with my business.

I’ve started to feel like, “Hey, this could really happen! It’s possible with these business ideas I have that I could make some serious money.” And all those years of dreaming of a beach house could become more than just a daydream. It’s turned into a goal.

The decision of making this move isn’t to just any area by the ocean. It won’t be just any beachtown or any house that I could find in my price range. It’s a house with a red door in an area just south of St. Augustine. I’ve actually looked at a map and narrowed it down to a couple of cities.

I don’t even know if this house or the property that I want exists. I just know that it all came to me in a message one day and since that day, the idea of the red door decision seems to have worked its way into my head and into my heart.

I finally had an understanding of those moments where I would hear others talk about how they’re living the life they want. I always wondered how they came to live in these wonderful homes in the place of their dreams but then I got the message. I started to see the vision, I saw the ocean, I saw the red door and I started to believe.

For those of you following me on Pinterest (and you guys know who you are!), you may have started to see me pinning more and more to my board called My Home by the Sea. That’s been part of this process. And if you take the time to look through the images, you’ll see the red doors.

The old me would turn this into a project of looking online for homes, researching the area and worrying about how I was going to find a way to pay for this. But this message was different. It came without preconceived notions about what I needed to do. It came without any concerns about when this was going to happen. It came to me with an understanding that it was not my place to worry about when and how it would get done. If I just believed then the red door would open for me.

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11 thoughts on “The Red Door Decision

  1. What a fantastic idea! You and your son will be so happy near the ocean. You can do this, I just know you can. Go for it, girl! God bless!

    • Thanks as always for your words of encouragement. The big thing is, schools aren’t that great over there so I may be doing some driving back and forth while Jake is still in school. Amazing how I’m actually thinking about this in a planning sort of way.

  2. Jealous? HELL YEAH! I am a total believer in when you write things down you give them the power to bring them to life. The beach is a wonderful place for calm, which will be a positive for you and Jake. Now get out there and get that red door!
    Ps. I love red doors.

    • I feel that way too. I’ve been thinking about this for years and even cut out a picture of a map of the area to hang in my office. And now I officially put it out there … and you do know, you’re more than welcome to come for a visit 🙂

  3. Are you talking about having a second house or living there year round? Either way, I hope you can create a magic red carpet to help you with your house with the red door.
    Btw, I hear you about putting ideas out there. I have that hesitation as well. If I say it, then I have to do it. Uggh – accountability.

    • Interesting you asked me that – I’ve done a bit of thinking about this and it would probably be a second house at first. The school system aren’t the greatest in the beachtowns. Its looks like I would have to keep Jake in our county’s system which means I would do the drive back and forth. He’s with his dad every other week (except for the wed and thurs of those weeks) so during those days and weekends when he’s at his dad’s house, I could logically be at the beach house. This area is about an hour 1/2 away from me so it’s not a bad drive to make if I needed to come back here.
      Yeah, it feels strange having these conversations with you guys, like it’s already happening.

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