Pooping Butterflies

poop butterflies

Lessons from Horton

One of my favorite movie lines is from Horton Hears a Who. Horton and his animal friends were talking about what their perfect world would be like and little Katie says, “In my world, everyone is a pony an they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.”

Occasionally, my son Jake and I will joke around about eating rainbows and pooping butterflies but during those conversations, we’re just trying to get the other person to laugh. This past month was the first time I truly understood what cute Katie was talking about when she said that line.

This has been my first week of crawling out of my rabbit hole. I feel like I’m able to breath again.

I taught my last workshop of 2013 this week. I’ve been locked away in my office working on the workbook since this summer and it felt good to get out. Doing these workshops reminded me how much I like being around all these small business owners and teaching them all the cool stuff I know. I really love the interaction and feeling like I’m helping them with their businesses.

But these past two months, I lived in Katie’s world. I had a small team of people – graphic artists, programmers and editors – all trotting around like a bunch of ponies in the yard. I had to constantly corral them to keep everything on track. My to-do lists became a 3-ring binder but it was the only thing I could do to keep all the bits and pieces together.

And it was non-stop. I thought that developing my 12-week online program was hard but it was just the tip of what I went through with the workbook. Some days, things were just flowing and we were eating rainbows. It was like a Skittles commercials … we were tasting the rainbow. On other days, we were pooping butterflies.

Glitch, please

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how the whole workbook turned out. I love how the graphics all came together and I’m pretty darn proud of myself for the content that I wrote.

All of those hours of research really paid off. I was able to come up with new ideas and ways of looking at marketing that no one else was talking about. Just knowing that I was writing something different was enough to keep pushing me forward. Because you know me – I’m the exception to the rule and I look at things with a unique eye. It’s just who I am and what I do.

We pretty much came down to the last minute with the launch. We were pooping butterflies all over the place during the launch weekend. Everything was set to go at 9am on Friday morning and the program for the online payments decided it didn’t want to work. I was online at 8am trying to find a new program to use and while the programmer was installing it, a couple of sales came in. So I’m testing and emailing people and testing again.

By lunchtime, we were back up and running. First mini-heart attack done and crossed off my to-do list. I had to make a few slight copy changes to my site over the weekend but overall, I went about my business and watched some sales come in.

A last push email was sent out Sunday night to my lists telling them they have a few more hours left of the discount sale. Within 30 minutes, I received several emails from people telling me that they were trying to buy the workbook but my site was down. I know it was working Saturday night so sometime on Sunday BEFORE I sent out an email blast, my web site pooped a butterfly.

We couldn’t get the site back up until Monday morning. And then I’m testing and emailing people and testing again.

So this week, the site’s back up, I’m doing a bit of tweaking and I’m trying to get back on track with my world again. I’m still feeling a bit Dr. Suess-ish so I wanted to share this quote with as I keep moving forward:

the places you'll go

Photo credit: Bright Colorful Rainbow

20 thoughts on “Pooping Butterflies

  1. My favorite book! I buy it for all my loved ones when they graduate high school (and it was awesome, when Lee passed away and we were going through his stuff, I was able to take back the book I’d given him when he graduated!).

    Anyway – I’m so glad that you have taught your last workshop and that you survived the launch!! 🙂

  2. OMG I would not be able to keep my cool about the website crashing! You poor thing! Sounds like it’s all in line now… but my only question is … when can I buy it?
    I need all the advise I can get!

      • Cool, send me your honest feedback as this was a soft launch and I’m in the process of tweaking of the workbook. We’re doing the first rounds of changes this week and when that’s done, I’ll upload the new version.

      • Well it looks AMAZING! I will say when you sign up the THANK you page opens up on the page your viewing… you have to hit the back button. I would open it in a new tab so you don’t push people away from your site. Try to keep them on your pages as long as you can!

      • Yeah, we’ve got some programming stuff to work on. Did you buy a workbook or sign up to the online class? I didn’t see anything come through my email or in paypal? If you did just make a purchase, I’ll need to check in with the company and see what happened.

      • NO not yet I can’t seem to keep my 3 year old off the computer long enough! LOL He’s so rough and persistent!

      • After I signed up for the workshop the letters Sign Up Now Click Here words I tried to click here not the image… I’m like that! A total rebel! It looks great!

      • Thanks for the heads up. I was in the site earlier today adding in my new program (10 day social media challenge) and I accidentally screwed something up. I just saw that you were confirmed for the newsletter (thank you very much!) but the online class needs you to confirm the link. It says you’re still pending. It may have gone into your spam folder so you may want to look there.

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