My Guardian Grandfather

grandfather guardian

Years ago, I attended a group meditation session. It was a time in my 20’s where I was looking for answers for questions I wasn’t sure what I should be asking. It was an interesting experience and would do it again if given the opportunity.

When the session ended, the woman who conducted the meditation told me she felt a presence in the room and I was the one who brought it. She said this presence spoke to her, said he was my Grandfather and when he passed on 10 years earlier, he became my Guardian Angel. She said if I ever feel like someone is behind me and when I look, no one is there then it’s just my Grandfather. He would always come to me when I need him.

The Connected Incident

During those years, I worked two jobs to make ends meet. I was driving home from job #1 to change clothes for job #2. My gas tank was low and I was heading down a major road. I knew I would pass enough gas stations before I ran out. No such luck. With an empty tank, I cruised the car into a turning lane to avoid blocking traffic during rush hour.

I saw a gas station across the street, grabbed my purse and started to play a game of human Frogger in my trek across the busy road. When I hit the safety of the sidewalk, I noticed an old man with a small boy heading my way. In one hand, the man carried a red gas container and the other hand was holding on to what looked like his grandson. When I stopped them to ask where he found the gas container, the man’s eyes smiled at me and said, “Let me guess, you ran out of gas too?”

We both laughed at our gas-less situation. I asked if he could point me in the direction of where to go but the old man just waved me off. He said, “I bought way too much gas. I don’t need this much. Where’s your car? I’ll give you some of mine.”

I pointed to my sad little car with all the pissed off drivers trying to figure out how they were going to get around me in the turn lane. As he put the gas in my car, I offered him some money which he adamantly refused. I did the only thing I could to help out. I kept an eye on his small companion to keep him out of the traffic trying to get around us.

When he finished, I thanked him several times and said my good-byes to the both of them. I got back in my car and saw that not only did I have enough gas to get home, I had enough to get to job #2. To the cheers of those around me, I got out of the turn land and back on the main road. I looked around for the old man and the little boy to wave another thank-you good-bye. I couldn’t find either one of them walking in either direction.

When I thought about it, I didn’t remember seeing either of them on the road before I ran out of gas. It was like they both appeared because I needed them there. I mean, who runs out of gas at the exact moment a Grandfather comes along with a full gas container?

I knew my answer. I thanked my Grandfather for always being there for me when he knew I needed him.


38 thoughts on “My Guardian Grandfather

  1. I love reading stories like these, because I feel like someone is always watching over me. It is heartening to know that others experience the same thing.

    • I was reminded of this story this weekend. I had a flat tire and a total stranger helped me out. I find it interesting how strangers just appear to us when we need something.

      I use to think I was losing my mind when I felt like someone was there. I actually felt someone walking behind me one day and when I turned, there was no one there. Good to hear that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • Thanks Gina! It’s hard to not believe when something like this happens. Even though its been years since this happened, I can still see everything in my mind like it happened yesterday.

  2. I LOVE stories like this! I had chills the entire time. What a great post! I believe with all my heart of have a guardian angel as well. Probably two, Lord knows I need two. ANYway, great post. You write so lovely. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words! I believe in this kind of stuff too. I have things like this happen to me all the time and I can’t see how it’s not something like a guardian angel. Some things are just so hard to explain but you’re right there, you saw it and you know it happened.

    • Your comment just made me feel better about posting this! Lots of people said they believed but you were the one only who shared a story where it happened to you too. Let me know if you ever post about this experience, I’d love to hear the story.

  3. What a lovely story. I feel similarly about my grandmother and while I’ve not seen her, in the way you describe here, I’ve realized that before all the significant moments in my life, I’ve dreamed about her…and she always has advice about what’s happening.

    • I’m not a psychic or anything but I would say that it really is her coming to you in my dreams. I think spirits try to find ways to connect with you and your grandmother has found the way to reach you is your dreams.

    • It’s interesting to think about stuff like this. This happened to me sooooo long ago and yet, I can still see everything like it happened yesterday. This one really stayed with me so I know it had to be some kind of message.

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