Best Time of the Year

football amen

For my readers up north, you may be feeling a break from the summer heat. But for us Floridians, the only way we know it’s Fall is because football season starts.

As an avid University of Georgia fan, you don’t need to tell me that college football started two weeks ago. I couldn’t bring myself to write this post until this week. Our first game sucked and we got our butts handed to us on an orange platter. We went from possible Heisman hopefuls ranked at number 5 to what the huh, how did we drop to #11?

Not the greatest way to start the Best Time of the Year but football season has begun. So in the land of beaches, 5pm daily rain storms and theme parks, this means it’s officially Fall.

And there’s no better way to celebrate then with a few of my favorite Pinterest pins cause ya know what folks ….

this girl

classy until football

I took this one when Jake and I went to his first live college game to see the Dawgs play. This was the quote I added when I uploaded the picture:
We’re making history here y’all | Capital One Bowl 2013 | UGA 45 – Neb 31

capital one bowl

And this is one of the BEST College Football moments EV.ER.

What it was, was footballMost people know the late Andy Griffith as his TV role as Sheriff Andy Taylor in the town of Mayberry. Those of us from Georgia know about one of the greatest tributes to college football when Griffon made an appearance at the G-Day game in 1954.

At the time, Griffith was a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he first delivered his presentation about football.  Without social media and YouTube around, the only way the Georgia folks found about his speech was to hear it on the radio.

They invited him to come over for a weekend and make his speech during the halftime of the G-Day game. So here’s Griffith in his full glory at the UGA game with his telling of “What it Was, Was Football”

Below is a link to a YouTube version of Griffith’s telling of “What It Was, Was Football.” It still cracks me up even though it’s more than 50 years ago!


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