Sunday Funnys: The Reading Partner

talking my ear off

The other day we were driving home and my son Jake starts to tell me about his new reading partner in school. Part of Reading Class includes reading a passage to your partner and then discussing what it means so you can both present your answers to the class. Even though it’s Reading Class, they’re expected to have a lot of conversations.

Jake proceeds to tell me that his reading partner is driving him crazy because he won’t stop talking. I asked him, “I thought you were suppose to talk to each other. Isn’t that better than someone just sitting there and not doing their work?”

His answer starts with an “Oh no mom .. he’s not just talking about the work. He’s talking about everything. He goes on and on and makes no sense.” Jake starts giving me examples of stuff this kid was saying and the whole presentation goes on for at least 5 minutes. Jake’s waving his arms around and moving his hands like he was making duck shadow puppets.

Everything inside of me wanted to bust out laughing. I wanted to give him the “now you know what I feel like when I listen to you” speech. I kept my mouth shut and I continued to drive home, watching Jake’s display of how he feels about his reading partner.

And then at the very end of his rant, he says, “I swear mom, my ears are going to explode one day from listening to him. I mean explode!” Honestly, that one got me and a small snort escaped from my mouth. It was like watching me tell someone about how Jake talks all the time, all the way down to the hand signals.

When it came time for me to finally respond, all I could say was, “Maybe now you’ll understand why it bothers your teachers so much when you talk all the time.” I was hoping that there was a lesson in there … just maybe somewhere.

But no, not my kid. Jake answers back, “But I’m not like this kid. I’m telling you mom, one day my ears are just gonna explode. Do you hear me mom? I mean just explode!”

Photo credit: Fabrizio Dusi

9 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: The Reading Partner

  1. Oh well. You could probably now imagine him being the parent and saying the same of his own kid. Grandma will be laughing in the corner.
    It is always easier to recognize issues in others than in ourselves. Convenient that way.

  2. Hahaha! Our son was (actually, still is) that talker. There were a lot of times when I said to him, “NO. MORE. WORDS.” I know he drove some of his teachers nuts. When he was in high school, we finally realized he has ADHD, just like his dad. The unending talking is just one of his symptoms. It doesn’t help much to know that, but at least I know where it’s coming from.
    Amy at

    • My son is usually the talker. It’s only been the 3rd week of school and we got a note sent home from one of his teachers that he was talking too much. I think that’s why it so funny to hear him talk about someone else talking too much!

      I’m pretty sure my son doesn’t have anything ADHD. He just has a ‘being a boy’ problem.

      • Oh, I’m sure not – it’s just a normal part of being a kid. It was just interesting to me in the case of my son that there was actually kind of a reason behind it. And it was interesting to realize, “Hey, his dad does that, too!”

    • I know, he cracks me up sometimes when he talks like this. You should have seen him do all this talking with his hands stuff. The funniest part was that it was SO like me talking about him. 🙂

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