Fierce Conversations

fierce conversations

I’m writing again

I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I feel that I’m finally able to write again. I struggled the whole month of July with writer’s block (read the post here). One of my Australian newsletters that I follow used the term “productive dissatisfaction.” I took mental possession of that phrase last month. I was working and researching but nothing significant was getting done. I was dissatisfied with my productivity.

I’m so happy to say that I had a breakthrough and it’s all starting to come together now. Actually, it was more like a message that came to me. It was time to pick the next book in my reading que and I started reading a book called Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott.

This book was recommended to me by a friend. It sat on my shelf for almost year because I wanted to re-read an old book about Jimmy Buffett and then I got into a book about blogging. So I’m looking through my shelf saying, “hmm … what to read, what to read …” and this book kept staring at me. Alright damnit, your turn Fierce Conversations.

It was an easy read. It took me a few weeks to blow through the whole thing. From the beginning, it pulled me in about how to create significant conversations by being authentic to your values. Scott walked us through her ‘principles of fierce conversations’ and all I could think about was how this was like a guidebook about how to use social media to connect with your customers. Could this be any closer to the content I was struggling to write for my social media workbook?

Then the message came:

The conversation is not about the relationship. The conversation is the relationship.

Holy crap, that’s it! All that research I did over the summer – you know, when I suppose to be writing – I just couldn’t figure out the common thread to pull everything together. I mean, there’s the obvious that this was all about social media marketing but why would someone want to buy this workbook? How can I get these research notes to mean something other than just a list of cool social media tips?

It all didn’t click until I read Fierce Conversations. And the whole way of seeing how to tie everything together, it now makes sense.  If I center the workbook around the concept that  “the conversation IS the relationship” … there was my answer in black and white, staring at me from a page in a book.

If I would have read the book last year, it wouldn’t have resonated with me and pushed me forward. And now, everything is just flowing and I’m writing again.

And man, am I writing! I’ve started what I call my ugly draft, my version where I get the content together. I’m writing copy for my email newsletter that starts next month and on top of that, I wrote a really cool blog post for my business site called “Five Lessons Harry Potter Taught Us About Social Media” to promote the launch of my workbook. It’s exciting to see all these pieces come together.

Last month I was living in productive dissatisfaction. I was freaking out because I launched this Interest Page (check it out here!) and I didn’t even have one page of the workbook written. My OCD wanted details and to organize the product launch but all I could do was stare at an empty word document and push it back, push it back and move it back some more.

I originally planned to launch the workbook next week. Well, that’s not gonna happen but it’s OK. What’s happening is that I’m writing again. I’ll take this victory. I’ll take anything I can get as long as it keeps me moving forward.

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12 thoughts on “Fierce Conversations

  1. So very glad you are writing again!! It sounds like it was so very frustrating for you! I love that quote that the conversation is the relationship. That’s like – wow!! What a brilliant summation of life! I also really liked your self-awareness that you wouldn’t have appreciated that book had you read it last year, it just reinforces that things happen when they are meant to happen!
    PS, love the HP article! That was awesome, and quite relevant!

    • Thanks … it’s funny because now it feels like that’s all I’m doing. I had to write welcome letters for the newsletter, the copy for web page and all that keeps me giving inspiration to keep writing my workbook.

      I know, I love that quote. I’m probably going to make a pinterest pin out of it as one of my promotional pins for my workbook.

      And the HP thing, that was one of those posts that I couldn’t get out. I knew what I wanted to write about, I found the quotes but I would stare at the screen and nothing would come. So that was a relief that I got that one out. Glad you liked it, that gives you an idea of the work that I do.

      And yeah … feeling so good that things are moving in the right direction. It’s so true when you start seeing the messages how it just confirms everything.

    • Isn’t that an interesting phrase to describe how something like this can happen. Ironically, all this focus on all the writing for my workbook is causing me to write less in this blog. Hard to find the balance between the two,

      • When you start to factor in the work you do with your schedule, then everything gets off balance again. When I read about stories of other people who try to do everything, most of them get up early like 5am to write before anyone gets up. I can barely function when I walk up at 6am, I couldn’t imagine how productive my day would be like if I was up at 5am.

  2. there is a point in every artists project when you look at it and think… I don’t know how or where to go from this point. And that feeling is so horrible and lonely but once you get that brake OH the rush is SO amazing. I am so glad you got your cracked window and changing the relaunching date! It’s not about deadlines and vanity it’s about getting it right! Good luck and WHOO HOO!

    • Thanks for your support. I figured if anyone would understand this, it would be you. I’ve still got a lot more to write but at least now I’ve got an idea of where I’m going. And what makes me excited about this is that I can’t find anyone writing about social media marketing like this. I think I’m on to something really cool

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