Fourth Grade Footnotes

fourth grade footnote

We just finished our first week of Fourth Grade. The higher the grade is, the easier it is to send my son Jake back to school. I remember crying that first of kindergarten (that was me crying, not him). The first day of school was this past Monday. I felt like I could tear up a bit but he was like “see ya mom” and he hopped out of the car.

When I asked Jake to sum up his first week of school, these were the answers he gave me:

1. Too long

I second that. We got up every morning just as the sun was waking up. It was hard to get out of bed that early after sleeping in over the summer. And I picked him up from school every day this week so good-bye to my summer schedule.

Hello to afterschool pickup days at 3pm (2pm on Wednesdays!) and losing time to work during the week. I don’t know who is going to miss summer more … me or Jake.

2. Very little homework

Jake is convinced that 4th grade is much better than 3rd grade because he only had one piece of spelling homework and two math worksheets. I kept telling him that this was the first week of school and he can’t expect his teachers to dump all this work on them when school has just started.

Jake argued with me that his teachers were too nice and that meant he wasn’t going to have much homework this year. I let that one go. I’ve done my time in 4th grade. I know the truth.

3. Gonna lap everyone

I had no idea what he meant when he said this one. When I questioned him, he reminded me about the PE competition between all the classes. Every year, each class competes with the other classes in their grade for the most number of laps run during PE class.

Apparently, Jake’s new class has the three fastest runners in the school. This competition started in kindergarten and every year since, these three kids usually run the most number of laps. And then the winning class gets a big award at the end of the school year.

So when I asked Jake if he thinks this will be a better year than 3rd grade, he said, “It’s going to be awesome. We’re gonna lap everyone in 4th grade. Maybe the whole school.” A kid can dream, can’t he?

Photo credit: Little Pencil Box

3 thoughts on “Fourth Grade Footnotes

  1. AWH the forth grade!!! the only think I remember was that’s when I stopped being able to do math! LOL
    I’m the crying mom too!!! Can you believe my daughter is in HIGH SCHOOL NOW!!!

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