Sunday Funnys: Top 10 Reasons to Love Summer

top 10 summer

I’ve heard that this week is officially the first week of summer. When you live in Florida, hearing everyone talk about that just makes you laugh. We’ve had endless rain mixed in with 90 degree weather and even our first named tropical storm come through our state.

I’ve got news for you folks … summer didn’t just get here this week. It’s been here for two months! In honor of this official summer business, this week’s Sunday Funnys is my son Jake’s Top 10 Reasons to Love Summer.

Fire up the Sunday Funnys grill! Here we go:

10. No school

9. Spending all day in summer camp instead of school.

8. Water play days – every Friday they have water play day at summer camp where they get to wear their bathing suits and play in the water with hoses, water balloons, slides and anything else they can get wet.

7. No school

6. Baseball season is in full swing. We live close enough to Tampa for Jake to go see the Tampa Bay Rays and all the teams who come to town to play them.

5. This one is a direct quote: “I don’t have to sit for hours listening to a lecture about stuff I already know.”

4. No school

3. He gets to go to the pool (until it rains) and we spend more time at the beach than any other time of year.

2. Summer camp has the coolest field trips (another direct quote).

1. And ladies and gentlemen, the number one reason to love summer: No School

7 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Top 10 Reasons to Love Summer

  1. I’m with Jake! No school is my favorite thing about summer! Pool time is my second favorite! 🙂 And I have nothing to do with school, but I love not having to get my son up. And in turn, unless I have a morning meeting, I don’t have to get up!

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