Jake and The Hat Man

game ball

It’s been a long week

Yes, folks …. it’s been a long week. My first time going this long without my son Jake and on top of that, I signed up for this Yelling Less Project. It was interesting to work on the challenge without Jake around but at least I wasn’t distracted by him and all the 9 year-old boy things he does that take me off my focus.

Today’s tip for my Yelling Less Challenge was this:

Put up baby pictures in areas where you are apt to yell (ie. bedroom doors, bathroom, in the car). Try using their newborn pictures in key areas to remind yourself just how fragile they are and how fragile your words need to be.

I knew I could do this one so I started to sort through all the pictures I have of Jake. As I looked through the photos trying to figure out which ones to print out, I noticed a common theme going on: Why does my kid always have something on his head?

In honor of the long week and the fact that it’s Friday, I’m going to share some of my favorite “Hat pictures” to give us all laugh as we head into the weekend.

1. The Orange Hat

When Jake was about 2 years old, he loved going to SeaWorld. His favorite exhibit was the penguin area. He would sit at the glass and watch them play, swim and waddle around. So when I found an orange hat with penguins on it, I knew that one was an easy sale.

orange hat

You can barely see the penguins in this but it’s one of my favorite photos of Jake. He loved that hat so much that when it got too small to wear, he slept with it like a blanket.

2. Dude, what are you wearing?

Then came the brief time when he was at that age of learning to do things for himself. He would put odd items on his head and wear them around the house like a hat. This one is an old tupperware bowl:

the bowl

And then there’s this one … I’m really not sure what that thing is on his head but I found several photos with him wearing it. That can only mean, he wore this one more than once.

bowl on the head

3. Weird growing up hats

When I looked through some recent pictures, there it was again! More weird hats … what’s with this kid?

If you didn’t get a chance to read this post about Jake’s Top This Challenge, check it out here. He spent one afternoon making his own football helmet out of construction paper and challenged other kids to make their own.  In case you missed the post, here’s Jake’s version of a football helmet:

jake's helmet side view

And a few weeks ago, Jake lost his second front tooth. I asked him if we could post a picture of him without his front teeth on Facebook and he grabbed the closest thing to a hat he could find. This is what I posted on Facebook:

two front teeth

What’s up with this whole hat thing? It reminded me of that poem called When I’m Old. There’s a part at the end where I changed it to fit Jake and his hats:

But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
So people who know me
are not too shocked and surprised,
When suddenly I am old
and start to wear HATS!

7 thoughts on “Jake and The Hat Man

    • Those pictures cracked me up. Its so funny when you find old pictures that you forgot you took. And yep, I wouldn’t put it past him to put a lampshade on his head 🙂

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