Nearing the end

Today was the first day of the last days of school. Next week will be full of half-days with early dismissal and then a couple of days with no school. We’re nearing the end of this school year.

I’m not sure who is more excited – me or my son Jake. Honestly, I’m pretty glad that this year is almost over. I’ve had enough of the emails from his teacher about Jake’s constant messing around in class. I’m done with the endless messages in his planner about how he couldn’t control himself that day or that he talked too much or that he didn’t finish this assignment.

Another year and another teacher who understands this phrase:

Dear Teacher – I talk to everyone so moving my seat won’t help.

I’ll be taking off a few days from the blog until we can get our summer schedule in place. Until then, everyone enjoy your last few days of school or spring weather or whatever you’re dealing with right now. We’ll see you in the summer!

have a cool summer

10 thoughts on “Nearing the end

  1. You know I hear you.
    Do you ever – why bother making the last days 1/2 days/early dismissal. It makes it even harder for parents. If you have a school – have a full day and if not – then just cancel it. Enough of the rant.
    Three cheers for summer.

    • That’s interesting that even teachers feel the same way about the half days. I mean, seriously, what’s the point? By the time I get back home and start to work, its time to leave and go pick him up. I feel for the parents who can’t pick up their kids and usually have them in extended care. I just don’t get it.

      But like you … am SO GLAD this school year is ending!

    • I will — got another HUGE project I’m working on and I’m planning to do this over thr summer when Jake is at camp. Isn’t your moving day coming soon?

      • Too soon, and car repairs added to the mix are not helping my crazy levels! I can’t wait to hear about your project. I’m pondering a new venture myself. I’ll shoot you an email about it soon.

    • Jake had that one in first grade. The teacher sat him next to her and it didn’t help. I’ve learned by now to have a talk with his teachers during the first meet the teacher day and I give them my email address. Its funny, they look at me like I’m some paranoid parent at the beginning of the school year, but by the last week of school, they totally understand.
      Hope you have some cool summer plans this year!

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