Sunday Funnys: A Lesson About Gas

a gas lesson

The other day my son Jake tells me this story about something that happened in school. It was the time of day where they study science and since this is one of Jake’s favorite subjects, he was actually paying attention and not messing around.

Jake explains that they’re learning about different matter, meaning in Jake-talk ‘what stuff is made of.’ This day’s lesson was about gas. And he laughed like Beavis and Butthead when he said the word gas.

His teacher begins to tell them about the properties of gas – it has no shape and you can’t touch it or feel it. Then she asks the class if anyone can name some types of gas. One kid raises his hand and says, “Oxygen.” The smart girl who sits at Jake’s table says, “What about carbon dioxide?”

Not wanting to be left out, Jake raises his hand and says, “I’ve got one.” And then he FARTED …. LOUDLY. I can’t be sure, but I suspect he might have even lifted up a butt cheek to let that one fly.

AND on that note …. Hope everyone is having a Happy Mother’s Day …

mother's day

Photo credit: 3D Frozen Flame

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