Things I Miss

things I miss

I miss our first conversations about life,
And what you want to grow up to be.
Things are changing since I’m the Mommy who’s mean
And you’re a 9 year-old boy going on 16.
I don’t miss the crying, whining or throwing yourself on the ground,
But I miss those first discoveries
The first touch, first sight and first sound.
Now you play outside with your friends,
You have cartoons and baseball in your head.
I miss being your best friend
And how we would read together in bed.
Guess I’m lucky because that’s all I miss
You still hold my hand and I still get a goodnight kiss.
But I’m not looking forward to the future day
When these moments we still have together
Will all fade away.

15 thoughts on “Things I Miss

  1. You not miss them at all when you see all the great things yet to come. Don’t look back – look at the future!


    • Well then I’m in some serious trouble as my hair has been getting grey for the past 5 years. I pay big money to keep my hair this color 🙂
      Happy Mother’s Day to you too and stop by on sunday for this week’s Sunday Funnys – you’re gonna love this one!

    • Thanks – it certainly seems that lately I’m seeing more changes in him more than ever. Some days I miss that little boy you see in the picture in this post.

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