The Jelly Bean Thief

I’m still not sure why my son Jake complains so much about doing his writing homework. I’m starting to think he’s putting on a show for me and deep down, he really likes writing stories. I can always tell when he’s excited about something he’s written because he not only tells me about WHAT he’s writing about but he wants to read it to me.

Below is his latest story. His class went on a field trip to a Mystery Dinner Theater and his teacher taught the class about how to write a mystery. As I’ve done in the past, I’ve scanned the first page because some of you (and you know who you are!) like to figure out his handwriting. I’ve written out the rest of the story using his spelling and wording just to keep this an authentic Jake story.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “The Jelly Bean Thief” by Jake, the future writer/blogger:

jelly bean thief

One day when I was in the candy store, when a snichle (he’s trying to say Schnitzel and he just spelled it wrong) truck left 5 seconds ago, and was standing with my mom’s friend Mr Noodleburger and my friend Lebron James when I screamed “someone stole my pink jelly bean!” Then I thought that this was a case for me to solve.
Then I thought that Lebron James had took my jellybean because he first tried one and was begging for more. But we went to the doctor’s office and no jellybean was in his belly. And then I realied that it was Mr. Noodleburger because he has an afro to hide the jellybean in. Or it was his mustash. So I grabbed a razor and shaved him bald. No bean was seen.
Even when I shaved his mustash. So we took a walk to the store to get a toupee and went to get a snichle. It was more crowded than normal.
I thought that was suspicious. So we walked in the cart to talk to Bob the owner of the snichle cart. When we went we heard a kid say “I want a jellybean snichle.” Then we saw Bob’s evil plan.
1. Steal jellybean
2. Mix with snichles
3. More money
So we grabbed the nefarious plan and went to Bob. Finally, I caught the thief and got my jellybean back. But it was moldy.
The End.

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