Not all those who wander are lost


Anyone who has spent enough time with me knows that I have a bad habit of getting lost. Whenever I go to a meeting in a new place, I try to factor in at least 15 – 20 minutes extra to cover the time I’ll need to drive around in circles trying to find where I’m suppose to be.

Just last week, I spent 20 minutes driving up and down the main road of a town just two cities away from my home because I couldn’t find where the meeting place was. Thankfully I ran into some nice firemen who helped me get to my destination. I figured, if anyone knows where stuff is in this town, it’s a fireman!

I know what you’re all thinking … why don’t you have a GPS? Or don’t you have a GPS-map thing in your phone to help you find where you’re going? I suppose that would be the easy way out but you know, that’s not how I am.

I’m holding out for someone to invent a GPS that can answer your questions and have a conversation with you. Kinda like that Suri thing for iPhones.

Knowing me, I’d probably end up with a GPS that has the same attitude as I do and we’d have the following conversations:

Me: Hey GPS, I’m lost. Can you get me to my meeting at the TD Bank building downtown?
GPS: Go to the next exit and take a right into the gas station.
Me: That’s not the bank building. I thought you were helping me.
GPS: I am. Dude, you’re lost. Now get out of the car, go into the gas station and ask for directions.
Me: Uh, GPS, I think I just missed my exit.
GPS: Well, turn the radio down. The music’s too loud in here. I can’t hear myself think.
Me: Alright GPS, it’s been a long day. I’m ready to go, take me home.
GPS: I call shotgun, front seat!
Me: Really? Is that what we’re doing today? It’s gonna be a long ride home.

Photo credit: GPS Traffic

7 thoughts on “Not all those who wander are lost

  1. Dude!! I was just laughing about this the other day, whenever I’m lost, or looking for a street or building, I always turn the radio down. Like I can see better if the radio is down, somehow my eyes will function better if I give my ears a break… I roll my own eyes just saying it – but it’s true!!
    And, I love that quote – Not all who wander are lost – but half the time, yeah, I’m lost… 🙂

    • Most of the time, I’m lost. By now, people who know me are use to it and I just let me drive. And what is about turning down the radio? Like somehow you can magically think better in silence.

    • Holy crap – I always knew you and I had things in common but this one is spot on. I am exactly like your post. I get lost so much that its a joke with Jake about my lack of direction. And you just proved my point, I don’t think a GPS would help me either. Unless it was my fictional one and then it would just be funny having these conversations with something who is as lost as me.

      • It generally does help but sometimes it just doesn’t! Anyway, I still reccomend you get one.
        I think I would download the APP of your fictional one. A good laugh is always nice but when I can’t find where I am going, I get very cranky.

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