Sunday Funnys: Are you an alien?

phone home

Are you an alien? And what have you done with my mother?

My son Jake asked me that question earlier this week. We had just sat down to dinner and quite honestly, I had no idea what he was talking about. “What’d you say?” I answered because I really thought he was repeating something he saw on TV.

He studied me hard and asked his questions again, “I said, are you an alien? And what have you done with my mother?” Now I’m really lost and a “I’m not following you” came out of my mouth.

Jake points to his plate and says, “I can’t believe this. You cooked something I really like. You can’t be my mother. My mom doesn’t know how to cook.”

Ok, I get the joke now smartbutt. This is what we call 9-year-old boy humor. It just got a little lost in translation. I laughed and watched him clean the food off his plate.

You know what I made that night? I used one of those steamer bags to make him some broccoli and I melted two, not just one but TWO, slices of cheese on the broccoli. He ate that thing so fast and asked for more. He said it was ‘perfect’ and the ‘best thing his mother has ever made.’

As you all know, I’m lacking the cooking gene so it really doesn’t take much for a success in our household. Watch out Bobby Flay … score one for mommy!

Photo credit: Phone Home

7 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Are you an alien?

  1. I feel the same way Jake does when I see my mother dishing out 20’s to my kids. They think I was so lucky to have her as a mom and I always say “I have no idea who that woman is”
    By the way…cheese makes everything better, even broccoli.

    • That reminds me of that Bill Cosby bit where he tells his kids, “This is not the woman who raised me, she’s just an old person trying to get into heaven.” Have you heard that one? That’s what happens to us when we become grandmoms.

      AND I totally agree – cheese makes EVERYTHING better!

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