Go Big or Go Home

go big or go homeWhen the folks at Dex Digital first contacted me to do the webinar, I was thrilled, excited and quite honestly, a bit humbled. Me? They wanted me to be on a webinar reaching out to hundreds or even thousands of their customers to talk about how small businesses can use social media. And the icing on the cupcake was that they wanted me to talk about Pinterest.

For my regular readers, you already know about my obsession addiction love of all things Pinterest. You know I KNOW this stuff. I can talk all day about how to use Pinterest and how to use it grow your connection with your readers and customers. Dude … I got this.

Remember how I’ve been telling you about this BIG thing I’ve been working on? Well this is it. The webinar was this past Wednesday. I’ve wanted to share the news with you but I’ve been struggling with my confidence and had some anxiety about the whole thing.

As we got close to the webinar date, the reality of the number of people I would be talking to started to sink in. The largest crowd I’ve ever been in front of was 150 and I wasn’t even up there by myself. It was me and a whole group of other people taking questions from an audience of small business owners. The biggest class I’ve taught was 35 people so anything over 150 was just freaking me out.

This webinar was broadcasted to people all over the country, not just the folks in my own little corner of the world. See this email? This is one of the emails they sent out to promote the webinar.


Look …. there I am … saying that I’m this Pinterest expert. When actually, I felt like I was this little kid pretending to be a grown-up.

And then I got in my head

And I freaked out. I had a couple of mini-anxiety attacks that were totally self-induced. Then came the questions, “How can I claim to be expert when I didn’t even have over a 1000 followers?” and “Why would these people want to listen to me?” and my favorite, “Who did I think I was pretending to be an expert?” My stomach hurt from all this over-thinking.

The first rehearsal came and I stumbled over my words. I couldn’t talk in complete sentences and make any logical points. I hoped the other others couldn’t hear the quiver in my voice. Could they tell I was questioning myself?

By the second rehearsal, I got a hold of myself. I used the downtime over Spring Break  to take a few steps back and put things in perspective. This was my dream. This was the plan to get on a national stage and speak at conferences. If I’m going to take this to the next level, I had to believe in myself like Dex Digital believed in me. They wouldn’t have asked me to do this if they didn’t think I could, right?

Breathe in, Breathe out, Move on

Webinar Wednesday came and there was no backing down. When I heard that over 1000 people registered for the webinar, my nerves kicked in. I must have gone to the bathroom like 100 times that morning. My heart was beating, my palms were clammy and I was afraid they would hear me sweating. I started repeating a line from a Buffett song, “Breathe in, breathe out, move on.”

I took several deep breaths and looked around me. I was in a room by myself talking to a wall (yeah, the secrets behind how a webinar really works would surprise you!) so it’s not like I had these blank faces staring at me. Earlier this week, I typed up some notes to help me stay on track and make sure I didn’t forget the big important points I wanted to make.

Then I heard the words from the moderator, “Two minute warning everyone … we’re going live in two.” Deep breath. One last scan of my notes. Dude, you got this.

And I did. I put my big girl pants on and I rocked it. I went off track about 5 minutes into the slides but I figured how to get myself back on point. I. DID. IT.

Breathe in, breathe out … move on …

10 thoughts on “Go Big or Go Home

    • Thank you so much. I am feeling proud 🙂
      Funny, you must have heard the call of the Buffett line …. you must have a jimmy radar in you to know when I talk about Buffett. BTW – not sure if you saw my note but are you Cat m on pinterest? I think I’m following you but I wanted to make sure.

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