My Son’s Future Calling

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I don’t normally get a chance to have a guest post on my site so when my blogger friend Larry from Me, Myself and My Kids offered to write today’s post for me, I jumped at the offer. I’m still playing catch up from being out for Spring Break and there’s this BIG thing that’s happening this week (stay tuned for this Friday’s post with details!) so Larry’s offer couldn’t have come at a better time!

I’m not sure who found whose blog first but all I know is that we have boys right around the same age and our experiences with them seem like we’re living in the same house. There’s always a comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one dealing with these boy things by yourself.
Larry isn’t just a dad to two boys, he’s also a high school English teacher. As a parent, I love reading his posts about his work with his students and what it’s like from the other side of the desk.

But that’s not all my blogger friends …. Larry’s not just a teacher who blogs. He’s been doing quite a bit of freelance writing  – check out some of his work here. I know from our friendship, he’s trying to move out of the class room and follow his dream of being a corporate writer is a lot closer than he may imagine.

Please enjoy today’s post from Larry of Me, Myself and My Kids:

Everyone’s a winner. Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. All you have to do is believe.

Get real.

In this day and age, we are told these ridiculous canards. There is right and wrong. There are winners and losers. And that is life.


My wife and I are very fortunate that both are boys are bright. Note I did not say perfect as they have plenty of issues. However, they are smart.

My younger boy, SJ, is a 6-year old. Despite his intelligence, there are certain fields that I can already tell are not for him. No, I am not stifling his progress, looking down on him, or setting the bar too low.

Here are the three professions which I am certain are not his future calling:

GOLF ANNOUNCER: I don’t care for golf. However, I occasionally watch on a really lazy boring Sunday. One thing I notice is that the announcers whisper. I suppose if they would speak up, then the golfer’s concentration would be broken. In addition, the crowd is hushed. So, this is a quiet sport.

SJ is not QUIET. He can’t whisper for more than three seconds. He is one of those people who has an internal microphone that is always turned on. He tries to tell you something quietly and anyone within 10 feet hears that secret as well.

Here is how it would go if SJ were a golf announcer: “Woods takes out the putter. He is lined up here on the 18th hole. If he sinks, this he wins the Masters and the over 1.3 million dollar prize.  WAIT! Woods seems to be looking in our direction. I wonder what he is looking at. What is going on with his concentration? He is clearly distracted.” His colleague would chime in, “Umm, I think it’s you that is distracting him.”

BALLERINA: I have no idea what it takes to be a ballerina (Yes, I saw Black Swan but didn’t particularly like it – very weird). However I think it’s about grace and being soft and smooth on your feet.

SJ is not SOFT on his feet. When he wakes up in the morning, he thunders down the hallway and into the bathroom. In fact, he is not graceful in any way. He slams doors, plops on floors, jumps on beds, and kicks legs.

BOUNCER: I think of a bouncer as big and beefy. These are tough guys who look intimidating and act surly.  You don’t want to mess with these guys or they will toss you aside.
SJ is not TOUGH. He is big and beefy (he could exist on a bagel and noodle diet and be perfectly content). However, he is so far from tough that he would need a GPS to find it. It is simply not in his genetic make-up. He is the soft cuddly teddy bear type. He is a happy and smiley kid. He shies away from any type of potentially violent contact and is not intimidating in the least.

So, SJ has some limitations. The world is not completely open to him. Call me a dream killer if need be. Yet, despite crossing these three professions off the list, I still believe in my son. He can have a wonderful and fulfilling job that is meaningful and productive. Let’s just get real on where he is not going. By the way, I think they should keep score in little league games.

21 thoughts on “My Son’s Future Calling

  1. hahahaha, greatness! I love the post, cause dude, SJ and I are the same person!! No matter how hard my mom tried, and still tries, I don’t have an inside voice and my dad states frequently “that is why we didn’t name you Grace”. Wonderful story!

  2. Great story, Larry! I’ve always thought of my oldest as the loudest kid this side of the Mississippi, but I’m happy to know she has competition. I hope I know you long enough to find out how this turns out for SJ – let’s hope golf announcer stays off his radar!

  3. Oh wow! You must have been in my brain! I have been reflecting a lot on my kid’s weaknesses and strengths lately! I can see some clear paths for my older two already but so far my younger one is still a head scratcher! He does these amazing impersonations and voices though for only being a 2 year old so maybe I’ll start pushing him in that direction and he can be the next Seth Macfarlane and create the next Family Guy kind of show. Hey, you have to know where your strengths are and run with it!

    • I used to love to do impressions and make noises as a child. I was a human noise maker. I had this thought that this family member of mine (who went to school for journalism) was going to write a story and I was going to provide the noises for it.
      The next Family Guy – huh – that show can be funny. Also, he will be able to provide nicely for his parents.

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