National Take Your Watch Off Day

As you know from my Almost Wordless Wednesday post the other day, my son Jake and I took a small vacation while he was on Spring Break. We spent the most of the time at my father’s beach house and it didn’t take me long before I was living on Island Time. For those of you not familiar with this term, it means the following:

The time vacuum created by the ocean’s presence and everything moves nice and slow. This carefree aura even has the ability to travel with islanders and can engulf you in their presence.

At first, it was kind of strange to be watching movies at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon but that was about all we could do until the weather warmed up a bit to be outside. It was just weird sitting in front of the TV in the middle of the day.

I normally spend my day moving from meetings to work at my computer. I schedule my time from the minute I turn on the laptop until it shuts off, which some days isn’t until I’m ready to go to bed. I call those days Work Part Two since I stop work to be mommy for a few hours – pick up Jake from school, work on homework, go to baseball games, dinner, bedtime – and then I’m back online for a few more hours of work.

When Friday finally hit, I had spent so much time not living in my work schedule that I felt like I was in deep into island-time-mode. Sometime during that week, my watch had actually stopped. I have no idea what day it stopped but I know what time it was when it made its last tick. It was 4:59 exactly.

I didn’t even realize my watch had stopped until Friday night when we went out to dinner and I checked my watch to see how long we had been waiting for a table. Huh, I thought … would you look at that. I had no idea what time it was.

I slowly became aware of the fact that I wasn’t monitoring every moment of my life. I was able to take advantage of this special time with my son. I admit, I checked my email a couple of mornings but the majority of last week,  I really did shut down everything in my overly-scheduled world. I actually found myself doing that thing we call “being present in the moment.”

It was easier than I realized when I just let go.

I wore my watch home from our vacation. It was probably more of a habit to put it on since I knew there were no more tocks in its ticker. By Sunday, I just couldn’t get everything out of my head. I felt relaxed. It was strange and different but in a good way. I’m convinced it had everything to do with my watch stopping and the mindset that came with that.

Then I had an idea.

What if we started a new holiday called National Take Your Watch Off Day? We plan to take days off for holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day, why not this? It’s a pretty simple holiday to participate in. Everyone gets to shut down and unplug from their watches. You don’t schedule every minute of your day and just spend time with the people you care about doing whatever you all feel like doing that day.

Seems like it would be a pretty cool thing if we can get it worked out. I think that we should keep this between ourselves though. If the marketing agency folks hear about this, they’ll just find a way to ruin it by creating another reason to put stuff on sale like mattresses for President’s Day. The only thing that should go on sale that day are new watches. So when we’re ready to put your watch back on, we have something cool, shiny and new to look at.

Photo credit: Vintage Banded Watch

6 thoughts on “National Take Your Watch Off Day

    • I know, I didn’t even notice. I took my watch off when we get there and I just never put it back on until we went out to dinner. That’s what gave me this idea for my new holiday.

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