My Week in Pinterest

I was going through the WordPress Reader of the bloggers I follow and one of the posts caught my eye. One of the bloggers wrote about his week based on some music videos. Each day had its own song to describe what happened to him that day and how he was feeling. It was really pretty cool and very creative and I was like, hey I want to do this!

I got my writing book out and tried to figure out what am I really all about? That only took a few minutes – Pinterest. I just taught a Pinterest workshop last night and I’m also working on this huge project involving Pinterest (more details to come). I LIVE in Pinterest right now.

So here’s my version of my week in music for last week using pins from my Pinterest boards. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you My Week in Pinterest ….

The week started like this – woke up Monday morning still dealing with no phone service. I shared with you in this post here about how my phone died and needed to be replaced. This was my mindset for the day:

pin - make it throughTrying to make myself feel better, I wanted to go to my normal stress reliever … food BUT I made the choice to work out instead.

pin - jim vs john


Didn’t get the phone back until later in the day but life had to go on without phone service. I got a lot of work done which I think had something to do with the fact I wasn’t being interrupted by clients trying to call me when I didn’t respond five minutes after they emailed me.

Tuesday evening found me at the Verizon store getting my replacement phone up and running. Because of the way the phone just died, we couldn’t back up anything. With the exception of the stuff that the Google thing was able to back up, I lost everything and spent the rest of the night downloading apps, setting up my email and figure out where I found my ringtone.

This was me on Tuesday

pin - live in the moment and cookie


Work opportunities are coming at me this week – worked on 2 different proposals and started to make a big push to promote my Pinterest workshop. I also agreed to meet my friend at a networking meeting so I can get out more and start meeting new people.

These meetings are always fun for me. I never know who I’m going to meet or what I’m going to say.

pin - network meeting


A day full of productive meetings! First a morning meeting with my first Pinterest client. I’ve been trying out all these Pinterest marketing ideas on my own company and now I get to see if these strategy ideas really work for other companies. So Thursday morning, I got to hang out in Pinterest for a few hours.

After Meeting #1 came Meeting #2 with a friend to go over a new product I’m planning to launch. My friend has been through this process so I get to ask her questions, show her my stuff and she’s going to walk through the whole process with me.

This was me after my meetings
pin - leaderFriday:

And welcome to Friday …. the end of the week and finally a day without any meetings. I was working in my office all day and I got an email about the big project I’m working on. It was such big news (I promise, I WILL tell you the whole story in a post so stay tuned!) that I went into my head and into freak-out mode for about 30 minutes.

When I recovered, I decided to celebrate my good news:

pin - get down

By Friday afternoon, I was feeling creative, introspective and pretty darn proud of myself. I wrote this post about Balance and took a good look at everything that’s changed over the past year.

This was me on Friday afternoon:

pin - alice changed todayFriday night slipped into Saturday which then moved into a weekend of working on my taxes and hanging out my son. Sunday came and found us taking a drive to visit my parents/Jake’s grandparents.

By the end of Sunday night, this was me:

pin - functioning adult

How was your week?

8 thoughts on “My Week in Pinterest

  1. Very cool idea (who was the video guy) and I like your version as well. It’s a very visual way to summarize. I particularly like the Cookie monster pin which is funny and the last one. It sounds like it was productive work week.

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