Sunday Funnys: What’s in a name?

Some days a blog post just falls into your lap like a class assignment that gets sent home from school. Below is my son Jake’s class work to creatively use the letters in your name to describe yourself. They were given a space at the bottom to add in a picture. Jake has offered up his artistic abilities for today’s blog post to give even more meaning to his descriptions.

So without further ado … I give you What’s in a name?

jake's name

24 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: What’s in a name?

  1. Definitely a writer! It almost sounds like he has a leaning towards writing commercials. Big bucks in that…! (smiling)

    • I actually read some breakdowns of our kids learning styles and Jake falls into the creative thinker category. The history of gray? I’m at a total loss here, may be a combo of something he heard from school and the books he’s reading.

      • Speaking of books, we were reading Hank Zipzer tonight. Do you know that series? BR really likes them. He also has read everyone of the Weird School series. What’s Jake into?

      • I haven’t heard about those books. I’ll check them out for Jake. He use to read Capt Underpants but I found a way to shift his attention and now he’s reading the Percy Jackson series. There’s monsters, battles and a big war going on … its awesome stuff for a boy.

      • Jake’s reading on a 4th grade level. These books have a lot of big words but he seems to be working through it. My favorite thing is that he’s so into the stories that it’s improving his comprehension skills.

      • These books were recommended by the librarian and I’ve read some of the books out loud so the content is really engaging. He’s already on the 3rd one and going through these quickly. Not sure where to go for the next series of books for him to read. Suggestions?

      • There’s some fighting and because its this mythology stuff, people don’t just die. They kinda disappear and go into this mythical land of Hell/Underworld. It’s very much like a kid version of the Clash of Titans.

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