The Terrible Morning

My son Jake has finally given in to the idea that he DOES like to write because as he likes to say, “I have a cool imagination.” I certainly can’t disagree with him and I’ve shared many of his writings in my blog. So when Jake came home with this writing prompt AND he insisted on reading it to me, I just knew it was something that had to be shared.

Today’s blog post has been written by Jake

The post is from his proudly written prompt called ‘The Terrible Morning’ which is Jake’s version of the story Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Below is one page of the story. The teacher had them mark it up based on grammar and punctuation stuff so I’ll type out the whole thing so you can read it. Also note the spelling and word choices have not been changed from his original story.

worst day writing

One Tuesday I woke at 8am. I saw a messy room and black clouds. The black clouds are rare and should be clown nose red on Planet 123ABC-get-the-heck-off-of-me. Then I relized it was going to be a terrable, no good, very bad day.

Then I looked at the clock and yelled “8am!” I franticly got out of bed and stepped on a push-pin which me fall on a skateboard and crashed into my cactus plant and screamed “OWW!” Then I could tell it was going to be a no good, terrable, very bad day.

Then my sister Kendall and my brother Stooart walked in and asked “What’s all the racket?”  “Um … I have cactus thorns on my ow oo ow face!” I replied. They exclaimed “Whoa, we didn’t know you wanted to be a cactus!”   “Well, I don’t want to be a cactus!” I yelled. “Wow, what idiots,” I mumbled.

“And you two heard that, didn’t you?” I asked. They both replied “Duh! And so did Big Ma!” they bragged. Then I mumbled, “Big Ma, you look a hundred pounds heavier.” Then we got in the car and I had a bruised butt. Being me didn’t make any thing better. Then I tried to be perfect. That failed.

Then BAM, I punched my sister Kendall in the face. And then I ka-blowie, I punched my brother Stooart in the face. Then I went to the Princapal’s office. Then I realized what I wanted to do and what made the day so bad. So I got up, ripped off my clothes and danced on the Princapal’s desk.

In conclution, this was my worst morning ever.

It was hard not to write my comments into his story. I’ve said this before but it’s worth saying again: While its obvious that Jake looks a lot like me, it’s also become clear that he ACTS like me too.

When I was pregnant with Jake, I use to wonder what he’d be like, what he’d look like, how he’d act.  I just never imagined that he would be me. And not just the physical parts of me. He seems to have developed all the smart, stubborn and weird parts of me. Many days I find myself looking at him and I don’t see a little boy. I see me staring back at me and on those days, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

7 thoughts on “The Terrible Morning

    • I’m still not sure where he got that word but at least he used it correctly. It was a lesson about having a problem and how you can solve it.

      Somehow I just don’t see how dancing naked on the principal’s desk solves this but oh well, he got a good grade 🙂

  1. Sadly I didn’t scroll down and was doing my best at breaking the code of phonetic writing….I should be a master at it at this point.
    This story is amazing! I loved every last word…I’m glad he is like YOU.

    • There was actually three pages of the story but the whole thing was so marked up that it was hard to read. I’m curious, since you’re such a good writer, has any of your kids liked writing with an imagination like this? Part of me thinks I should introduce blogging to Jake one day but then there’s no tellkng what THAT would look like 🙂

      • Thanks for the suggestion – started following him! Thanks for sharing about your kids, sounds like your son has taken after you with his creativity. I guess I was just thinking out loud how do I keep Jake interested with writing and sharing his imagination.

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