Sunday Funnys: Stop .. what are you doing?

I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has said those words. When my son Jake was younger, I’m sure I said “Stop! What are you doing?” at least a dozen times a day. Now that he’s older, those words don’t come out of my mouth that often.  But when they do, it usually comes with a loud sigh, shake of my head and a “Seriously? Are you kidding me?”

Let me show you what I mean …. see this picture below? Sometimes Jake likes to stand by his window and look outside. I like to imagine him during those moments, gazing out the window, dreaming of his future and ….. chewing on the blinds.

I know he does this because his blinds look like this:

chewed blinds

And then there’s the coffee table … there’s no telling what his imagination stirred up when he whacked the coffee table with a ruler. And now the table looks like this:

coffee table

This week’s ‘what are you doing?’ moment has been brought to you by the letter R.

The letter R stands for razor and apparently Jake has discovered where I keep mine in the shower. He can finally reach the place I put it and now he knows how sharp it is when he tried to carve a hole in the shower curtain with the blades.

Yeah, good times. This weeks moment looks like this:

shower curtain

4 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Stop .. what are you doing?

    • I’d say that’s big yes … I found pieces of the curtain in my razor and he admitted to doing it. I just don’t understand what he’s thinking when he does this stuff.

  1. Oh, I’m not concerned at all. I had a votive candle, stick deodorant, matchbox cars, legos and action figures flushed down the toilet…why? “Because I wanted to see it they would make it down.” I’m sure the answer for the razor would be “because I wanted to see if it would cut the plastic.”
    My advice is make sure you write it all down because one day he will have his own blinds and yes you will be leaving your mark! Personally, my hubby & I can’t wait for the day when we jump on a few juice boxes in Zac’s living room..why? “To see how far the juice shoots of course.”

    • ha ha – juice boxes! That’s a classic move 🙂
      Take pictures and let us know how Zac responds to seeing his stuff get messed up. I’m going to take your advice and start planning my own ‘moments’ for when Jake has his own place.

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