Sunday Funnys: Jake on Instagram

I finally got a tablet last month. It’s helped a lot with my work and my client meetings. I’m finally able to explain to clients about the different social media programs without having to ask if I can log on to their computers. But let’s be honest folks, you and I both know one of the reasons I got it was to spend more time on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and all the other social programs I waste my time on.

The other day I was showing my son Jake how to use Instagram. I just started messing with this program a couple of months ago and I’m still trying to figure everything out. I was explaining to Jake how the filters work, all the cool features and how you upload your photos to your profile.

I showed him how to do something like this picture of our dog Winston.

sunday morning winston

Aww … look how cute he is. I’m telling you … I’ve got the cutest dog EV.ER.

After we did a picture together, I showed Jake how to go through the photos of the people I follow. You can click LIKE or make comments on their pictures just like in other programs. Then I made the mistake of leaving him alone with tablet with Instagram pulled up on the screen.

I went upstairs to put  away the laundry. I swear, it couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes and when I got back downstairs, Jake greets me with this crooked smile and a “Guess what I did Mommy?” By the look on his face, I really didn’t want to ask but hesitantly responded with a  “I dunno, what?”

He looks at me with this huge grin and says “I instagrammed my butt.”

My heart started beating fast. The only words I could get out were “Give me that tablet.” I didn’t want to but I looked and there it was for all the world to see – my son sitting upside down with a picture of his butt crack, with filters and all the cool features. There was Jake’s butt, smack in the middle of my Instagram profile page.

I went into full force mommy-freak-out mode and tried my best not to show my fear. I immediately deleted it from my account AND in the photos on the tablet. Oh crap … what had I done?

After a few deep breaths, I proceeded to tell Jake the story about social media and how many millions of people are connected to these programs. We talked about privacy and using appropriate photos when posting to stuff like Instagram or Facebook. I mean, I teach this stuff for a living. If anyone is gonna talk to my son about social media, it should be me.

For the rest of the day we talked about social media, how it works and how I needed to be able to trust him to make good judgements about his posts. It was kinda weird at times, like maybe this was the warm-up conversation to the eventual sex talk that I’m so NOT looking forward to.

But you know, Jake is who he is. He instagrammed his butt. Some days I wish I could say I was this great fiction writer who can make this stuff up but I can’t. This is my son. You can’t make up a Jake.

By the end of all the discussions, I agreed to let him post one of his Instagram photos on my profile. It’s this one of his football action figures. I figured this was better to show his work than a picture of his butt crack.

instagram football players

9 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Jake on Instagram

  1. LOL. Hilarious. BR was there as I laughed and asked what’s so funny. I told him and he wanted to see the butt crack. Are you crazy? She didn’t leave it up. Besides why would you want to see that? Little boys.
    I am sure this would do wonders for your consulting business.

    • I will be sharing this story in my next workshop!

      How funny your son said that … but I’m sure Jake would have done the same thing. Because it’s all about butts. And poop. And farts.

      • I’m glad I’m here to amuse you 🙂
        At the time it wasn’t funny but everyone I’ve told this story to, they couldn’t stop laughing.

        That’s a riot BR thinks Jake’s instagram moment was funny. Just goes to show you how alike little boys are no matter where they live.

        AND don’t forget – Jake is waiting to see what your sons can do to make you that Eagles helmet! Show BR Jake’s challenge and see if he’ll make something for you and then email me the pictures.

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