Jake’s Top This Challenge

Today’s post is has been brought to you by my son Jake.

We spent last weekend talking about the Super Bowl. In his usual Jake-fashion, he likes to create something to celebrate important events like the Super Bowl out of all the endless art supplies I keep in our house. To get ready for the big game, Jake decided to make a Cincinnati Bengals football helmet.

When he was finally done, he put it on and showed me his hard work. My first reaction was to literally laugh out loud. Jake said, “Why are you laughing Mommy?”

I felt bad at that moment and used an old saying, “I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing with you.” Jake stood there with his homemade helmet on and a puzzled look on his face.

“But I’m not laughing,” he said. “This was hard to do. Take a picture of this for everyone Mommy. I challenge any other kid to make something like this. Go on, post this and say Jake said let’s see if you can top this!”

Alright Folks ….today’s post is all about Jake’s Top This Challenge:

Below are some pictures of the helmet he made. The photos came out a little dark so I did my best to run it through some filters so you can see it on his head. I also took a copy more pictures of the helmet by itself so you can see it in all its glory.

helmet back view

jake's helmet side view

helmet side view2

helmet side view3

Of course, there are rules to this challenge! Take a look at Jake’s rules below:

Here’s more details for the rules above:

1. They can’t use Photoshop to add details or make a picture of  a cool hat.

2. Person who enters must make a hat out of some kind out of art supplies.

3. Person can’t just draw a picture of  hat but actually make something they can put on their head.

4. The hat should have color included on it, not just black and white.

5. The hat can’t be something you find on a website, print out and put together with tape.

If anyone is up for Jake’s Top This Challenge, go forth and create. When you’ve finished your hat, email pictures of it to Jake by using my email: pfox (at) foxinteract.com
IF Jake decides he thinks a few are post-worthy, I’ll do a follow up post with the pictures of the people who accepted his Top This Challenge.
Good luck … and now we return to our regularly scheduled blog posts written by Mommy.

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