Sunday Funnys: The Contract

We FINALLY finished cleaning out my son Jake’s room. Ever since he tried to re-decorate it himself – see his design tips in this post here – I made the decision to re-paint his room. We picked out the new colors to turn his room into a Georgia Bulldog hangout but before I painted, I want to make sure we cleared out all the junk and stuff he never uses. I wasn’t going to move all that stuff out of his room and only to bring it back in.
When I was sorting through all the odd piles of papers, I found this contract. Jake wrote this sometime last year when he wanted to stay up late. I think they were talking about contracts or something like that in school but honestly, I’m not sure where he got this idea.
But it gave me such a good chuckle that I knew it had Sunday Funnys written all over it!

 the contract

9 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: The Contract

    • You have no idea! I see you’re a new follower so check out the Sunday Funnys category search (under the what I write about) and you’ll get a good laugh for the day 🙂

    • I just knew you’d like this one! Does Jake remind you of your son when he was this age?

      Jake is taking over the content for my next post with a special challenge. Be sure to stop by and check this one out.

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