Sunday Funnys: The Writing Prompt

School is back in full swing and with that comes the complaining about homework. I tell my son Jake all the time, “If you spent as much doing your homework as you did about the complaining, whining and throwing things, you’d be done by now.”

He’s not a big fan of doing his writing homework so most days, he does as little as he can get away with so he can watch TV or play with his latest ‘cool thing’ he’s obsessed with. But some days, Jake is a writing genius and the words just flow like he’s channeling Hemingway.

This my friends, is his latest masterpiece:

jake spelling writing prompt

For those of you who can’t read Jake-eze, I’ll translate it below but please note, I’m leaving the spelling and word choices the same so you get the full picture of this work of art:

I forgot what a synonom is so tell me what is. Synonoms are 2 words that mean the same thing, like close and shut. Any questions? Yes. What? What’s an antynom? Antynoms are 2 words that mean the oppisite. Like nacade and cloths (it took me a minute to figure this out – its naked and clothes). Any more questions? Yes. What else? What’s a homaphone? Homaphones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. Like here and hear, but and butt, and wood and would. Any more questions? Nope. Yay! Bye. Your dissmised.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: The Writing Prompt

    • I would think an ending like that would make a teacher like you very happy!

      Somehow I think homework at our house is the same scene at others’ homes. I’m happiest when Jake does his homework on the days he goes to after school care and I just have to check it.

  1. I’m so happy to see “butt” made it into his paper. It made me smile, there he would get an “A”. I do not envy you with the homework horror….I would walk around chanting “I’m a pillar of strength” over & over.

    • When I was posting tnis, I was totally thinking of you. If there’s anyone who truly gets jake’s writings, it’s you. And yeah, homework is not my favorite time of day. Crossing my fingers that this gets better as he gets older 🙂

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