It’s hard to be 9

hard to be 9

It’s hard to be 9
You’re so close to 10
Come back from summer break
And your world changes again.
At 9, you still remember 5
It was your first year of school
And now that you’re 9
You’re so much more cool.
It’s just so hard to be 9
Still too young to be left home alone
And though you don’t agree with mommy
WAY TOO young for a phone.
It’s hard to be 9
Life isn’t just white or black
Guess I’m lucky because my Jake at 9 still wants to hold my hand
And he let’s me hold his back.

Photo credit: Number 9

25 thoughts on “It’s hard to be 9

      • HA – that was a literally laugh out loud. Good thing I’m here by myself or folks would be looking at me. Just hit the follow button, maybe I can be your REAL person 500th follower 🙂

      • Would you settle for 501? Because honestly, the prize is the same either way. I can’t be bothered to care if my followers are not real people. That is their worry. Why did their parents raise people that aren’t real? That seems like a lot of trouble to go to just so I can have fake followers. Also, even though I couldn’t track down that frequentneed person, I noticed that they just hit the like button on my new post, so they might be real… or at least they have real fingers.

      • I shall accept the honor of being 501 graciously as I certainly can’t argue with a fake person who knows how to hit a like button. Looking forward to being your first person over the 500 number 🙂

      • They can never take that away from you… or me.
        So welcome aboard. There are snacks in the lobby. If you decide to wander around, leave a trail of breadcrumbs, because my whole life is down there, and it is a swamp. People get lost. I mean, it is a clean, more or less family friendly swamp… although I can’t always control what happens in the comment boxes, but there are emergency phones if you need them… Most of them work… I think…

      • Dick Cheney is one of my favorite Dicks … no worries about me. I’m what ya call a Big Liberal – just don’t get me started on politics, I can go a few rounds with the best of them.

    • Thanks! I wrote this the day after we went to Universal Studios. The entire time we were there, jake wanted to hold my hand as we walked around the park. Not sure how long this will last so I’ll take it as it comes.

    • I’m so not looking forward to that day! Hopefully I will have created a foundation between us that he feels like he can still hold my hand, even if its just when we’re alone 🙂

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