2013 … The Year of Me


I proclaim this year the Year of Me.

And yes, I know that its 11 days into 2013 and this post should have gone up around the first week of January. As usual, I had the best intentions but my son Jake didn’t go back to school until this week and this week was ‘my first official back from the holidays work week.’

The holidays were a blur and this week was spent sorting through everything with work and my home life. With too many 9 year-old boy home days and trying to get caught up days …. I have decided that today is the day 2013 starts for me.

I started to process through the details of everything that happened last year. Then I started to question whether I was really able to discover any answers to my never-ending quest for balance. My search for balance has always been part of this journey to live an authentic life. It was like this underlying thing creating the foundation. If I could find a way to balance everything then the rest of this journey would just fall into place.

What was this discovery process really about and what did I learn from the things that I accomplished in 2012? Is this more then a quest to find the balance between me as the business owner, me as Jake’s mom and me as my own person?

All that sorting and questioning led me down the path where a familiar word kept following me in every place I went to search for answers. The word that kept popping up was authentic and the concept of finding what was truly ‘authentic‘ in my life  It sounds like such a buzz word that marketing folks like to throw around but when I looked it up, this was definition: Authentic  – not false or copied; genuine; real.

So what is ‘genuine, real’ in my personal life, my growing business and my world of Mommy and Jake? I don’t think I could have answered that last year and now … well …I realize that I just started to touch on the answers to those questions with my Transformation Moments posts.  That’s about as honest I can be with you all right now.

As I continued to sort through everything, I found myself sharing my personal stories with a trusted mentor. She said something that struck me but it was so significant that I wanted to share.

She said, “There are many people and problems that will come into our lives and some will do these horrific things to us but we should always know these people are just the messengers. Don’t be angry with the messengers but instead look to this as an opportunity to find the message.”

So here we go again … another year to continue to find the authenticity in my life. This is now the Year of Me. The year to find out what the message is I’m suppose to learn and to find out just what living an ‘authentic life’ really is all about.

As I embark on yet another journey with you all, I’m reminded of a quote from Maya Angelou

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: I’m with you kid. Let’s go!

Photo credit: 2013 and the Beach

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