Sunday Funnys: Last day of school in 2012

As I said in my last post about Bobbie Franklin, I may have stopped posting but my son Jake didn’t stop doing funny things. A couple of the best ones happened before the winter break. On Jake’s last day of school, he had his Fall presentation in his Enrichment Class and his holiday party. I blocked off the whole day from work to be a part of the fun.

Enrichment Class presentation

The invitation for the presentation read:

Our third grade enrichment students have been working hard learning about inventors and inventions. Please join us for their presentation on Famous Inventors and their own invention Prototype presentation.

Jake spent the last weeks of school telling me about his invention but I really didn’t get the full effect of the prototype until I saw it in person. Jake worked with another boy in his class to invent the Magno-Ball.

As you can see from the picture below, the Magno-Ball is a football with a magnet on it. You use with gloves that also have magnets attached to them. The point of this invention is to make sure football players can catch the ball.


I mean, think about it … how many times have you watched your favorite team lose a game because the player couldn’t hold on to the ball in the end zone? With the Magno-Ball, this wouldn’t happen! No one would drop the ball and fumbles would be a thing of the past. Football scores would start looking like basketball scores.

With Jake’s invention, the Magno-Ball will change the game of football forever.

jake invention

Holiday Party

I’m not one who usually volunteers at school but this time, I figured out a way to help out at the Holiday Party. With Jake’s recent behavior problems in his class, I knew I’d find some time to talk to his teacher and I could get a better understanding of the class room dynamics.

I was not surprised to see Jake acting out. Someone brought cupcakes and goodie bags filled with candy so what did you expect? Jake + sugar = crazy behavior. At one point during the party, his teacher looked at me, sighed and said, “I thank Jake every day for teaching me the lessons of patience.” I just nodded because I get it, I totally get it.

The room parent mom brought a craft project for all the kids to do. I guess she figured this would keep them busy but this woman has no idea what a craft project means to Jake. The project was pretty simple – every kid got a santa with a bunch of little pieces and parts for them to attach to decorate their santa. They all had an example on their tables what the santa should look like and most of them did their best to follow the patterns and designs.

I already know what you’re thinking …. and you are correct my friends! Jake’s santa didn’t look anything like the picture. He decided to get creative with his parts and pieces.

jake santa

This wasn’t too bad since you could at least make out santa’s face, even though its attached to where his stomach should be.

But wait … there’s more! Take a look at the back …

jake santa back

Yeah … that’s right. Santa has a butt. The kids laughed, the teacher shrugged her shoulders and I think the room mom may have been a bit disturbed. I did my best to get his things together and get us out of the school building as quick as I could.

When we got home, Jake showed me his santa again and said, “Wasn’t it smart to make the santa this way?”

I’m puzzled on this one. “How is that smart?”

Jake replied,”None of the others have a butt. How will their santas go poop?”

I just didn’t know what to say about that one. Of course I’m wondering why boys have to think about poop and butts. On the flip side, shouldn’t I be happy to see Jake showing his compassion with his concern about the bathroom plans for his santa?

26 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Last day of school in 2012

    • I’m not a big fan of the potty talk or anything that encourages it. I’m starting to learn that this is just what boys do and what they think about.
      I didn’t have any issues with the teacher’s comment – I understood where she was coming from and besides, at least she’s working with him and not just trying to discipline him like his last teacher.

      I don’t think the ball is for quarterbacks, only receivers πŸ™‚

      • I thought the picture had the child throwing the ball with the gloves.
        My son and I saw Parental Guidance. He heard the word farty in the commercial and was sold. He’s a very discerning consumer.

  1. The last thing this world needs is another cookie cutter thinker. So, I would like to give Jake a big fat THANK YOU for being a free thinker, who has enough compassion to realize Santa needs to poop too! Let’s leave Ms. Patience off the thank you list when he is receiving his Oscar for Best Creative something that’s waiting for him.
    I was told by a teacher “my day would be so much easier if Zachary would be less active.” I let her know Zachary wasn’t there to make her day easier, he was there to learn so she better up her game. In my defense, there were only 5 kids in the class.
    Ps. I laughed out loud at the sight of the butt!

    • Actually his teacher made that comment right after Jake had smeared cupcake frosting all over his face and made all the kids laugh. He’s probably a lot like your son Zachary – he likes to see how far he can push his boundaries so I understand why she said what she did. Jake teaches me patience as well πŸ™‚

      Somehow I just knew you’d get a laugh at that santa butt. Jake is beyond a free thinker, some days I don’t know where his imagination will take him.

      • Ok, she is forgiven. Pushing boundaries has always been a specialty around here…hence my need for hair color. But, it is a wonderful quality when used correctly.
        Jake’s imagination is a gift that I think he will take very far. Hey, he has a wonderful support system named mom.

      • ooo are you one of those people who change out your hair color? I see a blog post coming on showing us your different colors πŸ™‚

        Yes, figuring out Jake’s imagination and dealing with his boundary pushing can get a little exhausting sometimes. I look forward to your words of wisdom to help me get through these years and into the land of teenagers,

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    • We’re SO NOT a cookie cutter kinda family! I’ve been good – getting back into work again and trying out a new work routine so I can get more done. Hopefully it’ll work and 2013 will be better then 2012.
      How’s everything going in your world?

      • Not much here — just work, getting back into our schedule and starting a few new projects for work. How’s your singing coming along?? Are you going to upload anything where we can see you sing?

      • OOOOhhh not quite yet… The music is going VERY well actually just put away another song last night! I have to replace 2 other songs on the album that are not up to par composition wise. I have become QUITE the pianist!!! I have nothing for you guys till fall but for you penny I may make an exception!!! Our Secret! I don’t get into the studio till April! Yeah long time off but I’ll send you a little something then!! You work TOO!! Your SUPER busy!!! I like talking to you your a lot of fun and I REALLY love your blog!

      • Well from your resume it looks like your VERY capable! I didn’t know you did Radio! Thats a very cool gig! I am at various stages of building my PR campaign. This is the FIND THEM faze and it’s LONG!!! But those who have small budgets can make up for it with HOURS of LABOR!!! I am on Pinterest to!!! Are we friends there? I would LOVE to follow your boards!

      • I just realized we’re having this big long conversation in the comments section. I can’t seem to find your message where you gave me your email address but you can find mine in the about me section here. Send me a message and we’ll talk more there.

        I can’t remember if we’re connected on pinterest but I have link on the right side of this blog so find me that way. I’m a HUGE pinterest freak, I’m on there all the time πŸ™‚

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