The Cheap Seats


Welcome to 2013! Like most of you, I took a breather from writing while my son Jake was on holiday break BUT that didn’t mean I got a break from the weird things Jake does or the funny stuff he says. This is the latest one that unfolded over the holidays.

This is the story of Bobbie Franklin.

Bobbie Franklin is an athlete. He’s a ‘star athlete’ Jake made up due to watching too many football games and playing too much baseball. Bobbie Franklin can play football like Peyton Manning and can play every position as well as the San Fransisco Giants World Series team. Sometimes when Jake is watching a game on TV, he’ll cheer using Bobbie Franklin’s name when he can’t remember the name of the real player.

Bobbie Franklin is what Jake would call AWESOME. When he’s in the presence of greatness, Jake is a boy of few words.

Earlier this week, Jake went to his first Georgia Bulldogs football game. They played here in Orlando at the Capital One Bowl because they lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship. Did you catch that SEC game? I swear, give us one more minute on the clock and a spiked ball and we would have won that game.

It took me a few days to recover from the disappointment of that loss. I’m not going to repeat what I said when the clock ran out as the Dawgs neared the goal line but trust me, I’m quite the professional in the linguistics of obscenities. I was not happy but I knew there was a silver lining. The Dawgs loss put them in Orlando for their annual bowl game.

I let Jake help me pick out the tickets for his first football game. He was so excited that he actually started calling it ‘The Bobbie Franklin Bowl with the Georgia Bulldogs.’ Or the Bobbie Bowl if you had to say it quickly to do the daily countdown until game day.

The day of the game arrived and Jake couldn’t control his excitement. He woke up early and I found him downstairs watching another football game we taped on the DVR. There were no arguments that day about what to wear, finishing his lunch or how quickly to get dressed. This was a day for the Bobbie Franklins’ of the world to shine.

On our way to the stadium, he told me about the butterflies in his stomach. He didn’t know what to expect but he knew it would was going to be … awesome.

mom and jake capitalone

We had a such a great time at the Capital One Bowl. He stood on his chair for most of the game and cheered and screamed with the rest of us Dawgs fans. It took his understanding of my love for UGA to another level. And it took us to another place in our Jake-and-Mommy relationship.

We weren’t just watching the game on some TV screen together – we were there in the middle of it all. The players, the touchdowns, the fans … everything that makes Bobbie Franklin’s world so cool.

I tell you what folks, if a life with Bobbie Franklin means a world with butterflies and awesomeness, than that’s a place where I want to live.

12 thoughts on “The Cheap Seats

    • Yeah I get that a lot from my FB friends whenever I post a picture of Jake. Some days I don’t see it but other days, it’s like me looking back at me.

      Welcome back to 2013 Lisa! Looking forward to year full of shear happiness 🙂

  1. That use of Bobby Franklin is funny.
    As a Penn State alum, I have very mixed emotions regarding college football. My wife, on the other hand, is a Notre Dame fan.
    Anyway, I am glad you guys had such a nice time at the game.

    • I wish my imagination was as strong as Jake’s. I don’t know if I would have been able to come up with Bobbie Franklin. He’s still talking about the game and Bobbie.

      I get your issues with Penn State – that must be hard to think about football because of everything that happened. And tell your wife I’m cheering for Alabama on Mon for the BCS. I love to see a SEC team take the championship title.

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