Sunday Funnys: That Boy Ain’t Right

jake climbing

It’s time once again for another installment of the Sunday Funnys. For my new readers, this is the part of my blog dedicated to my son Jake and all the weird things he does. It’s proof that apples don’t fall too far from the tree.

Let’s jump right into this week’s stories ….

1. Trouble in school AGAIN

Yep … here we go again! Just like in my Pure Unadulterated Mommy Rant, Jake’s back in trouble again at school. Too much talking and not enough listening, too much getting into stuff he shouldn’t touch and not enough finishing the stuff he’s suppose to be doing. If you have a boy, you know what I’m talking about.

I found out by an email from his teacher that he had a conversation with her last week regarding his out of control behavior. I could tell from the tone of her email that she wasn’t quite sure how to react to Jake. Instead of a normal 9 year-old boy response of “I didn’t do anything” or “I don’t know why I acted like that,” Jake tells his teacher how to handle his behavior problems.

When we had this problem last year, we worked out a behavior chart/point system program that we reinforced at home. Jake proceeds to explain this to the teacher to let her know, ‘this is what you need to do’ and why this works. I mean, who tells a teacher how to discipline him? See what I mean … that boy ain’t right.

2. Say the word

Jake has this game he likes to play where he makes up jokes or expressions to get you say something gross or what I call ‘potty talk.’

This is his latest one … say the word OILCUP without the letter L. No, no no …. say it out loud … that’s right O-I-C-U-P. Yeah, that’s right, you know what you just said.

3. Armpits

Like most boys in training to be men, Jake likes to take his shirt off when he’s in the house. Some days he can’t wait until we get home and pulls his shirt off in the carline when I pick him up from school.

So we’re driving home from school the other day and Jake starts sniffing under his arms. He asks me if he’s too young for deodorant because he thinks his ‘pits’ smell. Really? Is that the topic in the car ride home? I’m sitting next to him and tell him that I don’t smell anything and do my best to change the subject.

No more then 5 minutes later I look over and he’s figured out a way to pull his arm over his head so he can LICK HIS ARMPITS. “Stop! What are you doing?” I’m screaming at him.

Calmly he replies, “I wondered what smelly pits tasted like. Not bad …”

I’m sure you’re all thinking, well that’s just gross. What’s wrong with your kid? I just shook my head and reaffirmed my stance once more time … that boy ain’t right.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: That Boy Ain’t Right

  1. He sounds like a bright fun child, it’s nice to see he is so comfortable around you. It says a lot about what kind of mother you are. He can REALLY be him self and it’s REFRESHING to see.

    • Oh Jeez …. why do your comments always make me a little nervous about Jake getting older? I have been warned – and YOU’LL be the first to know when the sex questions start 🙂

      • If he has the pleasure of having a friend with older brothers, those questions should start hitting your ears next year. The older brothers know everything. Jake’s comfortable manner talking to you is a blessing in todays world..cherish his honesty, even when it involves licking armpits…he had me laughing out loud with that one!!

      • I’ve done my best over the years to let Jake know he can talk to me about anything. I read somewhere that if you start this now then it’ll be easier to get them to talk to you when they’re a teenager. NOT that I think he’ll tell me everything when he hits teen-world but at least I’m doing my best to set the foundation.

        Oh the sex questions … won’t that be fun?!?! And you can look forward to some good blog posts about how I’m dealing with this 🙂

        And it’s always good to hear that Jake can make others laugh with his inner weirdness.

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