Sunday Funnys: Happy Birthday Jake!

It’s hard to believe that 9 years ago today, I was in a hospital room holding my baby boy Jake. I posted about his birth from a story I had written for my writing class called The Birth of a Parent (to read it, click here).

In today’s edition of the Sunday Funnys I want to share with you something really cool that we did this week to celebrate Jake’s birthday. It started with an idea I had for my baby shower and I stumbled back into this when I doing some cleaning last weekend.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not much of what I call a ‘girlie girl.’ I was beyond happy when I heard the news I was having a boy.  So when the time came to plan my baby shower, I had a list of things that were NOT going to happen. We were not going to play these silly games like tasting baby food. We were not going to fill out word searches that had baby, boy, diapers or poop in it. No one was going to measure my belly by guessing with a piece of string how big I had grown.

I had so many rules that I think I actually planned my own baby shower and my friends just showed up. We held my shower at Carrabba’s. There were no finger sandwiches shaped like bottles and no cake that looked like it was made out of diapers. We had Carrabba’s best appetizers and if anyone wanted a drink, then go for it.

I was a happy, fat, expecting mom at my baby shower.

But when my friends said, “We need to do more then just eat, drink and give you presents,” I knew I needed to come up with something else. Thus came the time capsule. We asked everyone to bring something from that time and we put them in a beautiful wooden box. We also asked everyone to write a note to Jake that he could read when he turned 18.

Since Jake turns 9 today, he’s at the halfway point to his 18th birthday. We opened the time capsule this week, read through the newspaper clippings and looked at the funny things people had brought. Then we added some items into the box that are important to a 9 year-old Jake. The plan is to open this again when he turns 18. I think these new items will be an interesting contrast from the original items and part of the story of Jake.

Below are some of the items we found in the time capsule as well as a few of the things we added. I recently started playing with Instagram so all of my photos are me playing with the filters. The image on the top is Jake’s 18th birthday card that people signed and some of the notes written at the baby shower.

Someone gave us their cell phone – we got a laugh at how different this phone this was from my cell phone.

There was one of those teenager magazines. Most of the people in the magazine are obviously still around but it was interesting to see how much they’ve all changed in 9 years.

We added in some of Jake’s artwork.

And something from the shows he watches …

And we added some of his baseball photos to remind us of what he liked to do.

Thanks for sharing this special day with us!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Happy Birthday Jake!

  1. Happy Birthday Jake! Next year…double digits. I love your idea and there is no doubt Jake will appreciate it all when he is a young man of 18 and still enjoying the adventures of Sponge Bob, who can be enjoyed at any age. Hope you have a fun filled day!

    • I’m impressed with your mom for handling all three of you! I’ve lost my mind several times just with one. And you’ve turned out quite well from what I’ve been reading in your blog 🙂
      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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