Sunday Funnys: Design Tips from an 8-year old Boy

My son Jake has been bugging me for the past year to re-paint his room. The last time I did anything to his room, he was 5 and I just changed out the wallpaper boarder from planes/trains/cars to dinosaurs. Now that’s he’s 8 and going on 16, he’s decided his bedroom needs a redesign and the dinosaurs have to go.

I’ve tried to hold off on re-doing his room as it’ll be a HUGE project and quite frankly, I haven’t had the time to add one more thing to my already growing To-Do list. This past month, Jake decided he couldn’t wait for me so he’s taken on the job of redecorating his own room.

If you’ve ever wondered what a bedroom would look like if your 8-year old boy decided to decorate, here’s a glimpse into what could happen:

1. Sports Scoreboard

Sports are extremely important to Jake. I’ve shared with you all before his love of sports in this post here.

Because there are times when several different sports are going on at the same time – like the World Series is playing on the same weekend as college football – a boy needs to have a scorecard available to keep track of who’s winning what game. Ask any mom how to create a scorecard and we would have pulled out the colorful construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, handed them to our son and said, go at it kid.

But not my son. NO … he decides to make a scorecard ON HIS WALL. Yes, my friends, he used a marker and drew out a scorecard on to the wall in his bedroom. I can’t repeat the words I used when I walked into his room that day and saw what he had done.

I tried everything to get this off and even had Jake scrubbing the wall. Most of the marker is gone but you can still see the outline of the scorecard just waiting to document some team’s winning games and losses.

1. Jake’s Wii

One more thing an 8-year old boy desperately needs in his bedroom is a Wii system so he can sit in his room and play Mario Kart. Jake has asked for a Wii non-stop since he starting playing over at one of his neighborhood friend’s house. He loves the game so much that he’ll often go on YouTube to watch videos of other people playing. He says he’s picking up their tricks so he can learn to play better.

By this point, Jake has realized I’m not going to buy him a Wii so he decided to make one himself. He made the whole thing out of construction paper and taped it his desk so he can sit on his bed to ‘play.’

As you can see, he even made the controllers and the discs you use for the games.

And here’s a close up of the screen. He’s even got a picture of his favorite character on one of his favorite tracks.

He was so proud of himself that he showed me when he taped it up. He showed me again that night how he ‘played’ a game and then he showed me the next day how two people can ‘play’ because he made more then one controller.

Every time he would show me the Wii, I would say, “That’s cool, now I don’t have to buy you one.”  And then Jake would say back, “It’s not funny mom. It wasn’t funny the first time you said it and its not funny now.”

You’d think a kid with such a great decorating point of view would have a better sense of humor.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Design Tips from an 8-year old Boy

  1. Jake has such an imagination! Imagine thinking you could draw on the wall and live! I think it just might be easier to paint his room….


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