Beyond the Pixie Dust

This is the line we’re using in our pitch to bring Anthony Bourdain’s new CNN show to Orlando. If you haven’t heard about my social media campaign, you can read the details in this post here. We’re almost done with our pitch so we should be sending something to Bourdain’s producers by next month.

This is one of my favorite projects I’ve been working on for the past year. I love Bourdain’s show No Reservations – his snarky comments make me laugh so loud I’m afraid I’m going to wake up my son Jake. The other coolness factor about this campaign has been the people I’ve met who are deeply involved with the evolving Orlando food culture.

I’m pretty sure most of you are thinking, “I thought Orlando was just a bunch of theme parks and chain restaurants.” See that’s the thing my dear readers …. that’s the myth of my city that we’re trying to overcome with our campaign to bring Bourdain to O-Town. You see, there’s really TWO Orlandos – the one you all know about. The one with Cinderella’s castle (did you know that castle is the MOST photographed building in the world?) and all the tourists spending their life savings on theme park tickets and $20 cheeseburgers.

Then there’s the Orlando I know. It’s a town with hidden treasures with James Beard award-winning chefs. It’s a town with a dive bar older then Disney right down the street from downtown. One of the best stories I like to tell is how Orlando got it’s name:

A man named Orlando was passing through the area on his way to Tampa with a herd of oxen. He got sick, died and was buried near present day downtown Orlando. The locals would refer to the grave marker and say “there lies Orlando.”

This project, the people I’ve met and the local restaurants I’ve tried out have just increased my love for my city. Orlando has its twists and turns that anyone not living in Central Florida would be surprised to learn is just part of our everyday life.

Having made my case for why Bourdain needs to film his premiere season of his new CNN show in Orlando, I have a confession. I take full advantage of living in the world of theme parks. You all have something in your town that makes it the best place to live. Theme parks are our thing.

AND we’ve hit them all! We had SeaWorld annual passes when Jake was younger. I can’t tell you how cool it is to see your child pet a dolphin or watch Shamu drench the first ten rows of the audience after he does a full flip in the air. Then we did the four-park tour of Disney. If you ever get a chance to check out Animal Kingdom, do it. You feel like you’ve landed in another country. It’s something so unexpected sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Now we have Universal Studios annual passes. Jake has the short gene from me but he’s finally tall enough to get on some of the fun rides. Just last month, we packed up our lunch and headed to Universal for the day to act like tourists. We were amazed the park was so empty. We took full advantage of our good luck and rode everything until we were too tired to stumble back to the parking lot.

We’ve been invited to LegoLand with my sister and her kids at the end of the month. Apparently they do some trick-or-treating thing there. So we accepted our theme park quest and we’ll journey to the Land of Lego.

I love living in my two Orlando worlds. I think this has to be one of the greatest places for a kid to grow up. And now our weather’s starting to cool down. I heard there should be no humidity and a high of 81 this weekend ….

Yeah … come on down Bourdain … you know you want to be here.


If you haven’t joined our Campaign to Bring Bourdain to Orlando Facebook page, click here to LIKE us and follow our journey.  I’m telling you folks …. it’s not an IF it’ll happen, it’s a WHEN!

Photo credit: Faith, trust and pixie dust

7 thoughts on “Beyond the Pixie Dust

  1. Cannot comment, again! Are you sure you didn’t do this on purpose? Blessings! Judi


    • Thanks for joining the fan page! This is one of the fun ones I get to do because I be ‘snarky’ and talk about food/drinking/partying. This is the kinda stuff that I love about my work 🙂

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