Sunday Funnys: Kids and Dogs

I’ve shared with you before the bond my son Jake has with our dog Winston. Like any other boy and his dog, they like to hang out with each other.
It seems that whenever I hear loud thumping and bumping upstairs, Jake blames it on the dog. When I go upstairs to see what’s going on, I usually find Winston sitting on the top of the stairs with that cute Golden Retriever look on his face.
BUT the other morning when I came upstairs, I found this:

We had a good laugh and took pictures. I really couldn’t yell at him or get upset.
I mean … look what I did to my dog when I was a kid:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Kids and Dogs

    • Come on … who doesn’t have the ‘let’s see how silly we can make the dog look’ gene!?!?! We had a chocolate lab as kids and put that poor dog into all kinds of stuff.

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