Know What I Mean?

It was recently brought to my attention by Boyfriend Ben that when I tell a story, I end it by saying ‘know what I mean?’ While it’s no surprise I’m pretty good at telling a visual story, I had no idea I was repeating that expression at the end of each of my life lesson narrations.

The question rattling around in my head turned into, ‘why am I saying this line over and over?’ It took me a weekend with my son Jake to figure that one out. It appears I’m starting to turn into my mother by repeating the same stories over and over again. And because I’m telling Jake stories from a time where life was so unlike his own, I end it by asking him ‘know what I mean?’

To show you what I mean, here are some of our conversations:

1. Landline phone:

This one started when we tried to download a football game from our satellite programmer. We thought we were going to get to watch the game until the TV popped up with this comment: The program you requested can not be purchased without a landline phone.

Jake gives me that puzzled look. “What’s a landline Mom?”

Me: You know, the phone line that’s connected to the wall.

Jake: There’s a phone line connected to the wall? How do we get your cell phone connected to the wall so we can see the game?

Me: It doesn’t work that way. See that thing in the kitchen? It’s where people use to have a phone in their homes and the phone line ran through the whole house. You could talk on the phone in any room. Know what I mean?

Jake:  (with the look again) No, not really. Does this mean we can’t watch the game on TV?

2. A broken record:

Like any other mom of an 8-year old boy, I repeat myself to get him to listen to me. After asking him to come to the table for what seemed like 100 times, I loudly said (the louder I talk, the more he listens) “For crying out loud, I feel like a broken record here. Get over here now.”

At one point in our usual dinner conversation, Jake asks me “What’s a broken record? I always thought when you broke a record it means you break your record in the number of home runs or base hits. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Me: You know what CD’s are? Well before we had CD’s, we had music on records, these big black flat looking things. And sometimes when you played the record too much, it would get messed up and cause it to skip. When the record skipped it would repeat the same word over and over again.

Jake: So how does a record get broken?

Me: It’s not that its broken, that’s just an expression. It means you feel like you’re repeating yourself over and over like the record skipping. L’ike when I have to ask you to come to the table 100 times. Know what I mean?

Jake: Huh, what? I wasn’t listening ….

3. The Clicker:

From this post here, you know how I feel about what life was like when I was Jake’s age. And apparently, the story about my family’s first Clicker and having only 4 TV stations is one that I repeat often.

We were watching this show about some kid named Gumball and his family was going crazy because they couldn’t find the remote. They were doing all sorts of crazy cartoon stuff since no one wanted to get up and turn the channel on the TV.

So there I was, sounding like some person remembering the Great Depression, and I said “when I was kid, we were lucky when finally got a remote to change the channel. We had to get up every time we wanted to watch a new show.”

Jake: Yeah, yeah I know. And you only had like what, 3 or 4 channels?

Me: (not wanting to be outdone by this young whippersnapper) Yup just 4 channels. And to change the channel, we had to walk in the snow … uphill … both ways …

Photo credit: Turn off the TV

4 thoughts on “Know What I Mean?

    • I know …. with all this new technology, I don’t think our kids will ever experience the same things as we did growing up. It’s kind of weird to think that they don’t know what a record or a landline is.

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